1954: Alcatraz announced for 2012 release 11 Jun, 2012 / 4 comments

Here's the press release:

In 1950s San Francisco, a man named Joe is sentenced to 40 years in Alcatraz for armed robbery. He's determined to escape, but no one has ever broken out of the infamous prison before. He'll need his wife's help, but she's got problems of her own, as a fellow gangster is threatening her life if she doesn't hand over the stolen swag. But only Joe knows where it's stashed, and the "entire North Beach is searching for the jackpot. Will our hero be successful in the race for the loot?"

Co-produced by Daedalic and Irresponsible Games, whose founder Gene Mocsy was the co-writer of A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, Alcatraz promises 90 hand-painted, fully researched period locations in San Francisco, North Beach and Alcatraz, over 20 characters to interact with, and a non-linear plot with alternate endings based on crucial decisions made by players that determine the fates of the characters.

There is currently no firm release date for 1954: Alcatraz, but the game is scheduled for release some time this year.

No idea what this game is? We mentioned it once awhile back - it is a graphic adventure game headed up by Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island team member Gene Mocsy, who apparently struck out on his own with Irresponsible Games after work dried up at Autumn Moon. The connections to that studio do not end with Mocsy - Pedro Macedo Camacho is handling the score, and Bill Tiller may have contributed some artwork. Might be one to keep an eye out for.


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    Rum Rogers on 12 Jun, 2012, 19:54…
    This is really bad news for me. I thought I had a wonderful idea for an adventure game I'm developing, where the main character is a prisoner that has to escape in good-old-DOTT-styled-humour. The idea was pretty good indeed, but now it's not original anymore.
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    Jason on 11 Jun, 2012, 19:14…


    Looks interesting, let's hope they won't use kickstarter.

    Ha! Looks like this project actually has a publisher.
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    Aububuh on 11 Jun, 2012, 18:57…
    Reading the article's title on Twitter without the bolded words I thought it was about a game called 'Alcatraz' that was announced in 1954.
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    koosjebig on 11 Jun, 2012, 18:35…
    Looks interesting, let's hope they won't use kickstarter.

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