Play Secret of Monkey Island SE in your browser! 30 Apr, 2010 / 4 comments

Unfortunately Secret of Monkey Island: SE can't be embedded directly into MojoX's news (but we may embed it in a feature page at some point).

But you can embed the game in your facebook profile or any HTML websites. See here for more.
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    Threepwood4life on 30 Apr, 2010, 17:16…
    It looks like MI:SE is now on Telltales website, you can buy it with all 5 episodes of TOMI for $19.95. I can sense a possible announcement on the release date of MI 2: SE soon enough.
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    Santar on 30 Apr, 2010, 17:14…
    Well, the "plugin" you speak off is only Java.
    The game works quite good actually. Though you do download some game files before it starts.
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    TheJoe on 30 Apr, 2010, 15:23…
    And it needs some silly plugin.
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    TheJoe on 30 Apr, 2010, 15:23…
    To add to this, it's a "20 minute demo" only.

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