Those Ron and Dom IRC Logs Dominic Armato

Dom joins #monkey-island to talk Escape from Monkey Island in 2000.

A chat with Dom, the voice of Guybrush Threepwood, just after Escape from Monkey Island was announced. 99 people ended up joining.

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<Chariset> Welcome, Dom
<Ajplus1> Dom!
<_Dom_> Holy cats!!!!
<Skyfox> Hey Dom!
<DJG> Hey Dom.
<MrCoulomb> Welcome Dom.. it's... hell on earth here, but welcome.
<Ajplus1> 2 minutes late
<Jeff-1> Welcome Dom!
<tel_brb> Hey, Dom... you don't know what you walked into. :)
* Ajplus1 gives him a stern look
<_Dom_> Well... I'm looking at the scroll on the right side.. I'd say I'm getting an idea :-)
<Ajplus1> They love you Dom
<Flirbnic-Fud> Dom.... All these people are here because of you.
*** Skyfox changes topic to 'Welcome to Planet Threepwood! Dominic Armato is here!'
<_Dom_> Planet Threepwood... heh :-)
<MrCoulomb> well, we may as well start :)

<Narrative> So Dom, what you been working on recently? Apart from Emi.....
<_Dom_> Narr... been a quiet start to the year, actually... did a commercial for Cellular One this past week, but aside from that, a quiet Spring... but that'll be picking up this month :-)
<Narrative> Cool

<MrCoulomb> Dom- what we wanted to know, some of us is with all your knowledge of what the fans want, did you get any other input for the making of EMI?[br] <MrCoulomb> er[br] <MrCoulomb> i phrased that a little weirdly :)
<_Dom_> MrC.... none whatsoever :-) Wish I could say otherwise, but I don't have any kind of pull over there or anything... I feel lucky just to be able to help make the games :-)

<_Dom_> By the way...
<_Dom_> ...if everybody's showing up because I'm here... then... well... thanks :-)
* _Dom_ blushes

<FortKeeper> Dom, you shouldn't be flattered by that...
<FortKeeper> You should have seen how many people who wants the log when you've been to the chan!
<_Dom_> Fort... when 80 people show up, believe me, I'm flattered :-)

<Ajplus1> Dom, in your humble opinion. How do you like the look of EMI? Are you comfortable with the new 3d approach?
<_Dom_> AJ.... I think it looks great... I first heard they were doing EMI and going 3D... um... close to a year ago, and I was extremely skeptical at first...
<_Dom_> ...but I figured, LEC more often than not does a great job, so I decided just to wait and see, and based on the screenshots, I'm think it looks fantastic.
<Ajplus1> good to hear! :)
<Ajplus1> personally, i love the new look.

<FortKeeper> Dom, do you know if it's using keyboard or mouse controlled interface?
<_Dom_> Fort... don't know about the interface... I think I might have heard it was going to be similar to Grim, but A) that could change, and B) I could be wrong, so that's far from being the final word.

<Narrative> _Dom_ Can you give us the dish on Charles L Charles?
<_Dom_> Narr... now, bear in mind, I can tell you a little about the game, but I don't want to throw in spoilers or anything, so as far as Charles L. Charles go...
<_Dom_> ...let's just say I'll leave that to your intuition :-)
<Narrative> Sure Sure... I think we've all guessed though
<FortKeeper> It's good not to spoil the game :)

<DJG> Dom: Are other voice actors returning to play previous roles?
<_Dom_> DJG... yup... a number of returning characters, a bunch of new ones... and some old ones that have never been voiced.

<MrCoulomb> Dom - a fairly neutral question here.. is there a song?
<_Dom_> MrC.... don't know.

<FortKeeper> Dom: Are you doing more voices than Guybrush's in the game?
<_Dom_> Fort... at the moment, just GB, but you never know... I may or may not pick up another character or two as the sessions go on... there's no plans for that, but I wouldn't discount the possiblity.
<_Dom_> Also, just so youall know...
<_Dom_> this point, you've all seen as much of the game as I have...
<_Dom_> ...the only thing I've seen that you haven't...
<_Dom_> the cutscene script.

<Swordmaster> Dom: Ah, so the cutscenes are done but in-game dialogue not?
<_Dom_> Sword... correct... we did the cutscenes in November, and we're starting the interactive script next week.

<telarium> Dom, does the cutscene script seem like something the fan community would accept? :)
<_Dom_> Tel... I'll give you my impressions of the cutscene script...
<_Dom_> far, I think it looks really nice...
<_Dom_> first impression was that it was more like the first two... not the story so much as the dalogue...
<_Dom_> ...just very crisp, well written dialogue.
<telarium> Excellent.
<telarium> Not to badmouth Ackley and Ahern's writing, of course... :)

<Swordmaster> Dom: Who wrote the script (probably a dumb question :)?[br] <Swordmaster> Just Stemmle and Clark?
<_Dom_> Sword... I believe it was Sean Clark and Mike Stammle (sp?), the project leaders... they may have had help from a couple of others, but I believe the script was primarily their responsibility...
<_Dom_> ...for those who don't know, they also worked on Sam 'N Max together.

<CaliMonk> _Dom_: i personly liked MI1+2 more because it had more pirate spirit then CMI, that was more cartoonish, your voice fit that guybrush in CMI prefectly, are you not afraid that in MI4 if the style is diffrent and all your voice might not fight so well anymore? (no effense though)
<_Dom_> Cali... um... in a word... no :-)

<Ajplus1> Dom, are any of the voice actors from CMI back in EMI? Or is that classified? :/
<_Dom_> AJ... most of the old voices are back... I beileve one or two might have been recast, but for the most part, whoever did the voice in CMI is back.

<CROCSTRO> Dom: How did you get the Job of Guybrush in the first palce, was there much competion
<_Dom_> CROC... actually, I have no idea how many people were up for the part at first :-) A few hundred, I imagine.

<Flirbnic> I wonder who's doing Guybrush's voice... Denny Delk, maybe?
<_Dom_> Yeah, they recast Denny Delk as Guybrush... wanted him to be more... evil :-0

<CaliMonk> is Murray going to star in EMI as well, and is he going to have a real part or just some extra fun stuff
<_Dom_> Cali... I know Murray's going to be back... I don't know how big his part is going to be.

<CROCSTRO> Dom: do you know how near LEC is to finishing EMI?
<_Dom_> CROC... don't really know. My guess (and this is a guess) is that they could certainly have it ready for the Fall... I think the main question is whether they'll put it out on schedule or wait for a Christmas release... I seem to remember that's what happened with CMI.

<CoffinDancer> Dom, is MI4 on schedule as far as you know??
<_Dom_> Coffin... as far as I know, but I'm not really in those circles... couldn't say with any kind of reliability :-) Put it this way... I haven't heard otherwise.

<Ajplus1> Dom, I doubt you can answer this but will we be seeing any other islands aside from Melee and monkey?
<_Dom_> AJ... islands... don't know... my guess is probably, but I don't really know... like I said, I haven't seen the main script yet.

Smokemonkey asks: Hi, Dominic. Do you think its different for you too do voice acting for 3D characters than 2D as in CMI?
<_Dom_> not really. I mean, GB for 2D is already a fairly non-cartoony cartoon character, so I don't anticipate taking a different approach to the voicing. I could see how for some projects the 3D adds an air of reality that you want to address, but I don't think that's going to be the case for this project.

noad asks: What do u think of the way Guybrush looks now ? Do you feel that It will take away from your character any ?
<_Dom_> Noad... I think he turned out all right... I think he looks a little young, but the director, Darragh O'Farrell, and I have already discussed the age range we want the voice to fall into, so I don't think we're going to make him any younger. Perhaps not exactly how I would have designed Guybrush, but then, I'm not a designer :-)

<CaliMonk> _dom_: you know of any demo's being released any time soon?
<_Dom_> Cali... demo... no idea.

Eddie_A asks: Dom, have you been a fan of Monkey Island from the first game? Are you gemerally a fan of Lucas Arts games?[br] <Eddie_A> Also, what in your opinion is the best MI game?
<_Dom_> Eddie... definitely... before I did CMI, the MI games were my favorites. I've played probably about half of the LEC adventure games with a few exceptions, and I love 'em all.
<Eddie_A> Great.
<Eddie_A> So it's not just a job to you.
<_Dom_> Eddie... I hesitate to call it work :-) I've been a video game nerd for eons, so working for LEC is more fun than anything else :-)

DJJunkz asks: Dominic, do you feel that EMI is better than CMI?
<_Dom_> DJ... I'm going to wait to play the finished product before I make any kind of overall judgement... I think it looks like it has the potential to be really fantastic, but it's too early for me to say.
<_Dom_> (There's a lot of work to be done yet)

<MrCoulomb> _Dom_: without giving anything away, do you think you'll be making any more MI games after 4?
<_Dom_> MrC... I think the ending leaves it open... they certainly could continue to do more. Whether or not they do depends on a number of things, I'm sure... how well EMI sells, what kind of response it gets, etc. etc.
<MrCoulomb> Ok thats useful information for us, thanks dom :)
<telarium> Judging by this chat room alone, I think EMI should sell well. :)

<Swordmaster> Dom: Not sure if you can or want to answer this one, but is the ending cutscene long? I think most players of CMI were displeased with the short ending there.
<_Dom_> Sword... the ending cutscene...
<_Dom_> ...from what I've seen, it looks like they really took that criticism to heart... I haven't seen it, but my impression is that it should be both long and satisfying :-)
<Swordmaster> Dom: That's *really great* to hear, thanks! :)

<_Dom_> (Cubbies up 1-0 in the first... woo-hoo! :-)

El_Pollo_Diablo asks: In your opinion, is Escape shaping up to be better than Curse? Some aspects of CoMI seemed to disappoint MI fans, especially the ending, as you probably know...
<_Dom_> El_Pollo...
<_Dom_> ....I really can't say, yet. I haven't seen the full script, and even once I have, it's hard for someone who doesn't design games to picture the final product. I'd say from what I've seen it has the potential to be really special, but we'll just have to wait and see.

FortKeeper asks: do you know anything about the swordfighting, will it be insults or combined fighting and insults since it's 3D?
<_Dom_> Fortkeeper... I have no idea. I'd be surprised if they omitted the swordfighting, but I don't know.

mIckeNUS asks: Have you ever voiced a cartoon (witch one) or movie (witch one)?? When EMI is going to be released?? Wel'll see Kenny Fallmouth in EMI?? When are you going to start recording???
<_Dom_> mIckeNUS... I'm doing a voice on the cartoon series Rocket Power on Nickelodeon... it's a small recurring role... Sputz, one of the bullies. He doesn't really speak, he just kind of mumbles unintelligibly :-) And no, I've never done any movies... it's getting harder for regular VO people to do movies... that's pretty much become celebrity territory.

<mIckeNUS> Will we see Plunder Island and kenny Fallmouth again??
<_Dom_> Plunder... I don't know... Kenny, I don't think so.
<mIckeNUS> When are you going to start recording???
<_Dom_> Looks like a week from Monday.

Darnn15m asks: Hello, Dom, I wanted to ask if you've worked with any other people on the cutscenes, or were you alone like on CMI?
<_Dom_> Hey, Darn :-)... Cutscenes... actually, this time around I got to work with some people on the cutscenes... two new voices, and one old. There are, of course, other characters in the cutscenes, but I only met a few of them :-)
<Darnn15m> neat...
<Darnn15m> that's all...

<Swordmaster> Dom, did you or will you meet the designers to discuss the game (I remember you said you did with CMI)?
<_Dom_> Sword... not to discuss the game. They talk to Darragh, and Darragh and I work together. I suppose it isn't out of the realm of possibility that I'd meet them at some point, but not specifically to discuss the game.
<telarium> At the EMI wrap party? :) j/k
<_Dom_> Tel... I wish... Lucas parties are legendary :-)
<telarium> Pirate strippers, no doubt.
<Swordmaster> Yeah. Didn't you come up with those little songs in CMI?
<_Dom_> Sword.... the little songs in the Barbery Coast, I made up the tunes... the lyrics were already written.

Cotonet asks: I'd like to know what does Dom preffer: 3D or 2D adventure games???
<_Dom_> Cotonet... depends on the game. For me, it isn't a matter of 2D is better or 3D is better... they both have their merits, and it just depends on how well the particular game is made.

<MrCoulomb> _dom_ : something a little different here: have you played the first 2 games recently.. if so, do you hear yourself reading the lines?
<_Dom_> MrC... actually, I heard myself saying the lines when I first played the first two games :-) I haven't played them recently, but I'm planning on buzzing through them next week before we start recording... that and I might pop down to Disneyland to ride Pirates of the Caribbean 20 or 30 times :-)
<MrCoulomb> Wish i could just 'pop down' to disneyland. :)
<telarium> Dom, "research", eh? :)
<_Dom_> Tel... exactly :-)
<_Dom_> (Wonder if I can write off Disney as a business expense, then... hmmmmmm :-)
<telarium> hehe, might as well try

Fester_Shinetop asks: Does the picture of you in monkeymugs do you justice?
* Fester_Shinetop can't believe his lowly self is in the same channel as DOMINIC ARMARTO
<Fester_Shinetop> -ahem-
<_Dom_> ...well, it's a real picture... not a stand in :-) It's a little old... that was taken in '96... a little facial hair going on, but aside from that, yeah, that's pretty much me.
<_Dom_> (Attempted beard?)

<Fester_Shinetop> Also, what has been your favourite voice acting job you have done Dominic? CMI? (the only one I know:))
<_Dom_> Fester... CMI, no question about it... that was my dream VO job :-)

<Fester_Shinetop> And finally a question about CMI, What was your favourite scene to voice in CMI?
<_Dom_> Fester... that's a tough one... the most fun to actually work on was the pirate song with the crew... mainly because I was in the booth with three other wacky VO people and we had a great time :-)

<Fester_Shinetop> Oh, and WebMonkey wants me to do his dirty work and ask you 'What characters will we see in EMI from the former games?
<Fester_Shinetop> (not my question)
<Fester_Shinetop> but thanks anyway
<_Dom_> WebMonkey... hmmm.... I could answer that, but I'm almost a little reluctant to... I'd want to leave some surprises... let's just say that in addition to some returning CMI characters, there are a few from MI1 and MI2 that are being voiced for the first time :-)
<Fester_Shinetop> cheerz BYE DOM

scurvyliver asks: Dom: Do you have to wait, like the rest of us to play MI4, or do they throw in a copy for you as soon as it's finished?
<_Dom_> Scurvy...usually, the game is on the shelves a week or two after the final final final version is comleted, so I couldn't have that much of a head start anyway... but no, I'll get a copy after the actual release date. I'll probably see some work in progress stuff along the way, but I'll play it along with everybody else.

Dalixam asks: It my opinion the story (what we have read from the press release) are far more interesting and original than the story in CMI. What do you think?
<_Dom_> Dalixam... well, it seems to be original, certainly :-) As far as more interesting, I'd want to see the bulk of the story before I say... and also, I loved CMI... and that's a totally non-biased opinion... really!
<Dalixam> I loved CMI too :) Do you have any idea how long the cutscenes are? Are there many "small" cutscenes like in Grim Fandango?
<_Dom_> Dalix... well, the cutscene script is over 50 pages, if that gives you any idea :-) It's hard to say... I know how much dialogue there is, but I don't know how much non-dialogue action there is in between... it seems like a lot more than CMI, but I couldn't say for sure.
<Dalixam> Thanks Dominic, it's great chatting with you again :)

<Flirbnic> Dom: What colour is your toothbrush?
<_Dom_> Flirb...Blue and white... one of those funky new cross-action jobs.
<Flirbnic> Nifty.

<CaliMonk> _dom_: the styles of MI1 & MI2 were very diffrent from CMI, which style did you prefer the most? I personaly thought CMI was a bid too cartoonish.. and what style will EMI be?
<_Dom_> CaliMonk... CMI was a little cartoonish, but I have to say I didn't mind. Overall, I love the games so much I'm pretty much thrilled to have another regardless of how they approach the design. It may not always be just how I'd do it, but LEC knows adventure games, so I know it's always going to be great.
<CaliMonk> ok :)

<Ajplus1> Dom, the girls want to know. Boxers or briefs?
<_Dom_> AJ... boxers... all the way :)
<Ajplus1> comfy

_Muppet_ asks: Are you involved with any other current or future LucasArts titles?
<_Dom_> Muppet... at the moment, I'm not involved in any other LEC games. There are a couple of LucasLearning titles I worked on last year that might have been shelved or delayed or canned altogether, I'm not sure... but there is some LEC work I've done that isn't on the shelves, one way or another.

WD-4T asks: dom: what computer did you first play Monkey Island on?, being a child of the 80's i was clinging to my aging Amiga 500 when i played it :-)
<_Dom_> I first played MI, believe it or not, on the Sega CD system :-)
<_Dom_> Short lived system :-)

Narrative asks: What style are the cutscenes do, you know? Are they CMI style movies or are they Tomb Raider 4 style 3D environment will recorded voices?
<_Dom_> Narrative... don't know, I'm afraid.

Chariset asks: Hey, Dom. What did you think of the music in CMI?
<Chariset> My personal favorites were the Blood Island and Barbery Coast themes
<_Dom_> Char... Michael Land rocks :-) Personally, I think Michael Land is probably deserves more credit than anybody else for creating the mood of the games... the music is one of the best parts of the games.
<Swordmaster> Dom: Agreed 101%!
<MrCoulomb> right on, dom.
<Chariset> I think we all agree there
* MrCoulomb agrees as a composer :)
<Flirbnic> Heh... If they didn't have any music, we probably wouldn't be here right now.

CabanaBoy asks: Dom: Did you beat Monkey Island in no time flat, since you knew how the script went?
<_Dom_> Cabana... I burned through it in about three days... there are a couple of points where I was stuck for just a bit... puzzles that didn't involve a lot of dialogue :-) It also took longer because I wanted to hear all of the lines, so I was saving and reloading constantly to get every branch of the dialogue trees.

<CabanaBoy> Dom: This is a sort of stupid question, BUTTTTT....Do you have a netcam? If so, could you make a movie for the scummbar, and fans?
<_Dom_> Cabana... no netcam, I'm afraid... but if some sort of live chat thing were worked out for MonkeyCon, I might have to go out and get one :-)

FGonza asks: Any more singing in this game?
<_Dom_> FGonza... hope so :-) I don't know, but the songs in the last one went over so well, I'd be surprised if there wasn't something musical :-)

Socrates-1138 asks: When you first played MI1 & MI2, did you finish them all by yourself or did you cheat? Be honest!
<_Dom_> Socrates... no help whatsoever, thank you! (This is a point of pride :-) Though to be honest, it's been a while, and I don't know if I could do 'em again without help :-)

<Swordmaster> Dom, where are voices for LucasArts games actually recorded? It's not at LucasArts, is it?
<_Dom_> Sword... depends... most is done at Screenmusic Studios in Studio City (just north of Hollywood), but some is done in San Francisco (Murray), and I think some for EMI might actually be done in Australia.
<telarium> Dom, Australia? Does that have anything to do with the fact that Episode II is filming out there?
<_Dom_> Nope... totally unrelated.
<Swordmaster> Aha, Australian voice talents...

<Buchadude> Hello Dom, How does it feel to be a role model for all young pirates out there?
<_Dom_> Buchadude... well, it's tough, you know... having to set an example. You know, as a role model, if you don't teach the young'uns to booze, loot and pillage, who will?
<Buchadude> hehe!
<Buchadude> Thank you Dom

<MrCoulomb> dom: now that you're confident your voice was accepted by the MI community, did you feel a little restricted when making CMI? if so do you feel freer to be a bit more experimental with the voice of guybrush.. IMO It turned out GREAT before...
<_Dom_> MrC... I don't intend to change the character at all... when doing CMI, I tried not to worry about how it would be received... I just tried to be as genuine to the character as possible, as I saw him. He's happily married now, so he may be a little more prone to going off on cocky tirades, but overall, it's the same guybrush :-)
<MrCoulomb> Dom_ thats what I like to hear :)

<Buchadude> How were you approached for the job?
<_Dom_> For EMI? Darragh gave me a call and told me they were working on the new MI... I chat with him every now and then.

<Blondebeard__> Will LeChuck's voice be the same??
<_Dom_> Yup... Earl Boen's back... but I don't mean to give the impression that it's just another LeChuck Vs. Guybrush story... it's a little more... complicated :-)

<Darnn15m> Dom: Hello, it's me again, just wanted to know if this means you'll be coming back here on a semi-regular basis... we all miss you, especially Zi, who is plotting your kidnapping since god knows when...
<_Dom_> Darn... haven't seen Z in a while... yeah, I'll pop in periodically :-)

<MrCoulomb> Dom_ from what you said it seems lechuck is back but not necessarily the complete center of attention? or at least not exactly KNOWN to be the center of attention for a while?
<_Dom_> MrC... I don't want to say too much... but LeChuck is only part of the puzzle :-)
<MrCoulomb> Dom _ - I think w're kinda happy that lechuck is part of the puzzle at all. thanks for that :)

<SShaft> I'm not sure if this was already asked, but...Dom, do you know how you will be controlled in EMI?
<_Dom_> Shaft... don't know.

<Blondebeard__> _Dom_: Do you know if we will see Voodoo Lady again?
<_Dom_> Don't know.

<scurvyliver> Dom, as an Australian myself, I'm really interested in why they are using voices from down under?
<_Dom_> One of the new voices is an Aussie
<scurvyliver> wow cool!

<MrCoulomb> dom_ do you see a little of the Sam and Max style humour in EMI? I think i can...[br] <MrCoulomb> The house of wax for example seems to me a little like a sam and max style location....
<_Dom_> MrC... yeah, it's still MI goofy, but it has a touch of the Sam 'N Max sarcasm... should make for a nice mix :-)

<Darnn15m> FS wants to know if you know the secret...
<_Dom_> Nope... I'm starting to wonder if anybody does... even Ron :-)

<telarium> Dom, are you dropping by E3 by any chance?
<_Dom_> Tel... I'll definitely be at E3... hopefully as much as possible :-)

<SShaft> Besides the old islands, will we be visiting any new ones as well?
<_Dom_> Shaft... dunno...

<_Tibor_> Ok, Dom? Scumm wants to know what Stan's time share is
<_Dom_> Your guess is as good as mine... though it certainly appears that Stan's getting into real estate :-)

<SShaft> Will the voice of Stan be done by the same guy who did it in CMI? When I pictured Stan in the first two games as a much faster talker than he appeared to be in CMI.
<_Dom_> Don't know
<telarium> I always imagined him talking like Ross Perot.
<_Dom_> I do a decent Perot... maybe I should see if I can weasel my way into the part :-)
<telarium> Dom, do it!
<telarium> A fast talkin' Perot.

<SShaft> What's the deal with Elain slapping Guybrush again? What did YOU do now?
<_Dom_> Shaft... doesn't Guybrush usually deserve to be slapped?
<_Dom_> :-)
<_Dom_> (Speaking of which, it's tied 1-1 now, right?)

<slicktsb-> hehe dom: 2 questions, do u think that the 3d engine wil be as good as the original scumm 1, and do u think the cubbies have a chance this year?
<_Dom_> Slick... I think it has the potential, and as far as the Cubbies go, god, I hope so!

<MrCoulomb> Dom_: do the cutscenes suggest a greater elaine presence?
<_Dom_> MrC... I get the impression that she's going to be much more involved in this game... certainly more than CMI.
<_Dom_> (Though that wouldn't take much :-)
<MrCoulomb> _dom_ well, she could help it in the last game, right? :)
<_Dom_> MrC... exactly :-)

<Blondebeard__> The game will be like Grim Fandango or it will be point and click?
<_Dom_> Blonde... don't know

<marek_maximar> Dom: what's your favorite drink? =)
<_Dom_> Marek.. alcoholic or non?
<marek_maximar> alc.
<_Dom_> Obatini... 3 parts Plum Wine, 3 parts Cranberry Juice, 2 parts Malibu, shaken over ice and strained :-)

<DjDom> Dom : Any news floatin around LEC about an new zak game (any voice ideas) and dident zak part 1 kick ass ?? And any idea on the size of the game?? span disks and disks?[br] <DjDom> heh, sounds like im asking myself a question[br] <DjDom> I think that zak mcrakken and monkey island shaped my whole life as a kid :)
<_Dom_> new zak game <--- Not that I'm aware of... (I kinda doubt it)

<MrCoulomb> _dom_: did you ever hear the voice of the guy who nearly because guybrush?
<_Dom_> Nope... I'd be quite curious to, actually.

<WebMonkey> Dom, do you know what the story is with Elaine punching Guybrush in the mi4 screenshot[br] <WebMonkey> (that's Fetser's one...)
<_Dom_> Nope

<DjDom> Ohya Dom- any idea on the size of the game?
<_Dom_> DJ... last I heard, the script was just about the same size as CMI... originally it was going to be a little smaller, but they kind of went nuts... but also, that's not the only factor in terms of game length. Have to wait and see.

<CireNJ> What is the percent of completion with the game?
<_Dom_> Don't really know... not my end :-)

<_Dom_> Hey, everybody...
<_Dom_> ...hate to do this, but I have to split...
<_Dom_> ...people waiting for me at softball :-)...
<Pate> Have fun, _Dom!
<Jeff-1> Thanks for your time, Dom!
<CireNJ> Bye Dom
<Skyfox> ok, Cheers Dom.. been a great chat!
<MrCoulomb> good talking to you.... bye!
<CireNJ> its been great
<noad> Later Dom
<Huz> Bye, Dom. Hope you enjoyed that somewhat.
<Fester_Shinetop> BYE DOM
<NeilA> Bye Dom!
<jake|r> see ya dom
<Vulcan22> thanks Dom , Bye
<Gametoon> BYE DOM!!!!!!!!!!!
<LGH> Bye Dom... AND COME BACK!!!
<|Woody|> DOM I LVOE YOIU!!!
<Smokemonkey> Bye!
<striped_flamer> Bye!!
<Narrative> Bye Dom
<Germonkey> Bye Dom!
<wiruZ> BYE DOM
<Narrative> Bye Dom

<_Dom_> Everybody, thanks so much... really... I can't tell you how great it is to know that you guys liked the game so much...

<Scumm> cu
<CabanaBoy> Bye dom
<slicktsb-> BYE DOM
<Scumm> dom
<LaFoot> C ya Dom
<Dalixam> Thanks for a great chat Dominic.
<Pintie> buy!
< Narrative> L8er Dom
<wehoo> bye dom
* slicktsb- is upset, doms going
<FGonza> bye Dom
<PirateKing> bye!
<DJJunkz> BYE!!!!!!
<Mup_pet> bye dom
<striped_flamer> Guybrush wouldnt be the same without you!!!
<Flirbnic> Bye, Dom. (I wonder if he actually sees this in the flood of byes.)
<Scumm> bye
<V3DeV> bye

<_Dom_> ...sorry for the incredible number of questions I didn't get to :-)

<Cotonet> by Dom!!!
<CaptainDread> Bye Dom - nice chat even though I wasn't here ;)
<striped_flamer> Have fun recording!!
<noad> come back soon Dom
<telarium> Bye Dom

<_Dom_> Later on, everybody :-)

<Zaarin> bye dommy! :)
<Huz> And I apologise for the incredible number of questions I skipped or otherwise cut short. I was trying to get through a list of 130 questions as quickly as possible.
<DjDom> BYE
<striped_flamer> Come back soon!!
<DJJunkz> BYE!
<slicktsb-> BYE MAN
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