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(Top) Tim Schafer with Jack Black at Spike TV's 2008 "Video Game Awards" held at Sony Pictures' Studios on December 14, 2008 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV)

(Above) Ron Gilbert speaks at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, September 2009.

(Left) Dancing pirates celebrate the announcment of new Monkey Island games, at The Monkey Island Revival Party, Vienna, 2009.

(Left) Mixnmojo visits Double Fine Productions in its early days in 2001.

(Below) The Telltale team celebrate another excellent day of work, 2006.

(Bottom) The new LucasArts team pose in front of their Monkey Island Special Edition artwork, 2009.

(Left) Steve Purcell at work on the new Monkey Island cover, 2009.

(Below) Jim Ward at work in his office. Ward was president of LucasArts from 2004-8.

(Bottom) Mike Stemmle in his office at LucasArts, 2000. Stemmle worked on Escape from Monkey Island before moving on to Telltale Games in 2008.

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2000: (NOVEMBER) Escape from Monkey Island released in "scurvy-inducing 3D."

2001: (JULY) Infinite Machine are making a new Sam & Max game, titled Plunge Through Space.

2002: (AUGUST) Infinite Machine go bankrupt, taking their Sam & Max game down with them to the icy depths of space. (JULY) LucasArts announce Sam and Max 2: Freelance Police, a full 3D point and click adventure. Exciting times.

2003: (AUGUST) Full Throttle 2 is cancelled, for quality reasons. The announcment creates three comments on Mojo: "that sucks," writes Jake.

2004: (MARCH) Sam & Max 2 cancelled, shortly before its intended release date. "Market place realities" were cited as the reason. Jake cries. (APRIL) The response from the fan community to Sam & Max's cancellation is powerful: a Hate Site is established, featuring many angry letters and pieces of hate art, usually based around LucasArts and poo.

2005: A new hope. (APRIL) Double Fine's first game, Psychonauts, is released. Double Fine includes many ex-LucasArts people, and is headed by LucasArts legend Tim Schafer. The game recieves a coverted 5 skull score from Mixnmojo. (SEPTEMBER) Telltale Games, also forged from many ex-LucasArts people, release their first adventure game, based on the Bone comic series.

2006: LucasArts reveal their new direction: Star Wars! (MAY) Jim Ward equates the LucasArts callics to Bewitched and the Dukes of Hazard, insisting that they should stay buried and forgotten "until 2015." This attitude does not impress our readers.

2007: (MAY) Telltale release Sam & Max Season One, the game that many people wanted them to make since they were first founded. It gets good reviews, but the "Save Sam & Max" excitement of 2004 has long since passed.

2008: (FEBRUARY) Jim Ward quits LucasArts, muttering something about "personal reasons." Our anti-ward campaign seems to have done the trick. (NOVEMBER) Autumn Moon's first game, A Vampyre Story, is released. Autumn Moon is comprised of many ex-LucasArts members and is headed by LucasArts legend Bill Tiller.

2009: (JUNE) Telltale announce Monkey Island episodes, and LucasArts announce their Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, to an outstanded and overjoyred fan community. Lucifer buys ice skates and a wooly scarf. The decade that began with Monkey Island ended with Monkey Island, only with a howling pit of despair in the middle.

Best LucasArts+ game of 2009: Tales of Monkey Island

Best Kroms newspost of 2009: "A Cake Worth Getting Diabetes For"

The Noughties were: "Take me to the teenies!"

2009 was: The year of Monkey Island.

Best News Headline: Ten year olds for sale, $10 each

Best Active Hosted Site: The Tales of Monkey Island Blog

Most awaited 2010: More Sam & Max

Thank you to everyone who's visited this site in 2009 and the past 10 years: we hope you continue to visit in the future. We love you very much and think the world of you.

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