E3 2001: Carnival of the Damned Bonus Pictures

Enjoy special bonus E3 photos, thanks to Mojo staffer and Puritan housewife Pete "Pegey" Edge.

Thumb Pure mania.
Thumb Rogue Leader in action at the Nintendo display.
Thumb Spaff, Emma, Andrew, and Sarah are over saturated with LucasArts hospitality.
Thumb LucasArts PR guy, Tom Sarris... reaching his hand out to the community and helping the less fortunate.
Thumb Jake, our Mixnmojo web guy, and Dominic Armato are also part time gigolos.
Thumb How dare they ruin a perfectly good sidewalk.
Thumb Warning: Trespassers will be horribly mutilated.
Thumb The game is so cool that no one notices the sky turning purple. Isn't that one of the seven signs?
Thumb Indy wuz here.
Thumb Our photographer, drunk on the free EMI grog.
Thumb As it turns out, E3 was just a carnival and the entire day was just a dream...
Thumb Its the ghost pirate... "Pirate." Pay no attention to the man on the left. Please don't.
Thumb The bonemaster, he is not.
Thumb Dom dons the Dom face outside Pirates.
Thumb Amazed fades to utterly uninterested as we go from left to right.
Thumb Tourists by the boatload...
Thumb Spaff successfully becomes both a pirate and a pimp at the same moment in time.
Thumb LucasArts Fantasy Camp? Yes.
Thumb Pete tries his hand at this mysterious as-of-yet unannounced Star Wars title.
Thumb Sarah and Sean were happy beyond belief to finally meet Emma Russell.
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