2007: A New Hope Page Three

Gabez once ate a whole bush of nutmeg, and then he passed out for a year. Compared to that, 2007 was pretty good.

Thanks to everyone who voted in these polls over at our forums.

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1) Favourite Sam & Max episode

The winner: Reality 2.0 (by the skin of its teeth! 11 votes)
Second place: Abe Lincoln Must Die! (Only just beaten! 10 votes)
Third place: Ice-Station Santa (4 votes)
The losers: everything else (0 votes).

My, what a close one! Though Abe Lincoln Must Die! marked the turning point in the season, I thought that Reality 2.0 passed it slightly by sheer inovation and quantity of nerd jokes.

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2) Best alternative title for ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ (K.O.C.S.)

The winner: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Maze (The Tingler) (10 votes)
Second place: Indiana Jones and the Cocks (Jason) (8 votes)
The losers: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullwootwoot; Indiana Jones and the Male Reproductive Organs (Jason); They're all the worst titles ever! (2 votes each)

I'm very glad that this won! The image of Indiana Jones running around the aztec zone shouting painfully obvious advice to dim-witted contestants is too good to forget.

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3) Your view on the end of 2007

The winner: "How can it be nearly 2008 already? I’m still living in the 90s!" (14 votes)
Second place: "It was a good year!" (8 votes)
Third place: "It was a 'meh' year" (4 votes)
The loser: "It was a bad year" (0 votes)

The survey ends on a posstive: we're either all satisfied with how 2007 went, or living in our womb of denial.

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4) Best review

The winner: Remi O's Sam & Max reviews (6 votes)
Second place: Gabez's Pirates of the Caribbean reviews (5 votes)
Third place: The Tingler's Sam & Max reviews (including overall season and soundtrack reviews) (3 votes)
Fourth place: Jason's CSI reviews (2 votes)
The losers: Lego Star Wars and Emperor's Tomb (0 votes)

I have to say I'm suprised about this -- but I guess people just love the Remster's direct style! He tells it like it is.

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5) Best feature

The winner: "10 years and counting" –- Mojo's 10th birthday (11 votes)
The second places: "Into the Vortex" and "The old days" (2 votes each)

The 10th birthday article was certainly a lot of fun to write and (so people have said) to read. But just imagine what our 20th birthday article will be like!

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6) Best Interview

The winner: Bill Tiller and Telltale Games (4 votes each)
The second places: Dave Grossman and Traveller's Tales (2 votes each)

All good interviews, I think -- and we'll have more in the new year.

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7) Best news headline

The winner: "Even Majesco can afford that! (Jason)" (4 votes)
The loser: "At last! Tim Schafer talks about... Psychonauts? (The Tingler)" (0 votes)

Jason artfully weaves sub-text and refference humour to achieve the most delightful line of verse since Shakespeare. Or something like that, anyway.

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8) Best news post

The winner: "Still not played Sam and Max Season 1?! FFS, get a free episode you time wasting mongrel" (elTee) (8 votes)

Second place: "Feedback [April Fools] (Gabez)" (6 votes)

The loser: "Addled be me hearty (A Pirate! Yarr!)" (1 vote)

elTee's post just goes to show that he is at his best when drunk. Wether he's phoninh up Jake during a Steve Purcell bath rub, or posting incohrent lies on the Mojo front page, he's always good for a laugh.

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9) Best -- or most interesting -- news story

The winner: Brütal Legend announced (12 votes)
The loser: Sam & Max 2 announced (0 votes)

Again, proof that we all love Tim Schafer and his gang of merry men (and one woman). But I'm sure we're also psyched up for season two of Sam & Max. And Mata Hari!

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10) Most wanted for 2008

The winner: Brütal Legend
Second place: A new version of Mojo
The losers: More CSI, A non Sam & Max game from Telltale, and "DJG."

It seems that we're already really excited about Brütal Legend -- and who can blame us? It looks awesome. Best of luck to Double Fine with completing the game.

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11) 2007 was the year that...

The winner: "Sam & Max truly made their comeback" (11 votes)
Second place: "We all got nostalgic" (5 votes)
The loser: "#Monkey-Island truly made its comeback (and then died again. Sssh.)" (0 votes)

It's good to see that Sam & Max finally did make their comeback, and that it was explosive enough to be memorable.

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13) Favourite Mojo Banter (tm)

The winner:
Gabez, listing features to appear in Brütal Legend: "Jake Rodkin confirmed as "Little Daddy" who follows Riggs around and offers helpful comments on game design. Remi Olsen has so far not been contacted with the offer of a role."
The loser:
Everyone. Oh the pain!

This banter is of course based on the long running joke that Jake gets all the credit for every game ever, which is actually becoming more true every day as he leaps up the career ladder. What's that? He's just become Ron Gilbert's personal assistant? Oh the pain.

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14) Best 'Behind Mojo' post

The winner: "In the news this week #2"(4 votes)
The loser: A slight drinking problem" (0 votes)

I think people really like comics about Ron Gilbert -- or possibly they just like the thought of him being thrown into jail. Poor Ronzo! :~

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15) Staff member most likely to be promoted in 2007

The winner: Huz (4 votes)
Second place: Jason and elTee (3 votes)
The loser: j3-p0 (0 votes)

Since last year's question was 'who is most likely to be fired?' I thought it would be nice to have a more possitive question this time. Bizarely, the person with the must illusive links to the site won. Now we just have to work out what "promotion" means.

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