The Wolf Among Us Conclusion

The problem with reviewing these episodic games is that there isn’t a whole lot to be said after you’re a few episode in. I mean, take The Wolf Among Us: We have established that the writing has been excellent throughout the three first episodes, as has been the case with the music, atmosphere, and voice acting. The only real issue has been some short episodes, but that’s really neither here nor there in the end. Add it all up, and The Wolf Among Us is a great bang for your bucks.

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Bigby -- Surfin' the Highway.
So here we are, with three reviews up, and two left. At this point we really can sum “In Sheep’s Clothing” and “Cry Wolf” up like we did with the previous games: Great writing, great music, excellent atmosphere, and compact (to keep it polite) gameplay.

And in the end, that adds up to what is one hell of a fun full game.

The episodes have been intense throughout, and the last episode was, I would say, the best example I’ve seen of this type of confined, by the rails action sequences. All respect to zombies jumping out from (increasingly predictable) dark corners in The Walking Dead; The Wolf Among Us truly has upped the adrenaline factor here. Plus, Bigby is pretty bad-ass.

In the end, too, the roller coaster of a storyline paid off beautifully. While the choices you make might not leave you in much of a different spot for the final scenes, exactly how everything will go down is largely based on your earlier actions.

And even in the epilogue, there are indications your choices will have impacts on what I can only assume will be a sequel.

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This is all very Fables.
I could go into more minutiæ details, but this is all really pretty simple… The first episode of The Wolf Among Us was good enough to make me buy the first Fables collection, which quickly got me hooked. I have since gotten fairly well into the comics, and I can without hesitation say the game captures it perfectly. And that’s a tall order.

The Wolf Among Us is a continuous thrill ride through a story full of mystery, dark humor, and bizarre characters. It’s a peculiar game, something I always have found Telltale to do particularly well. See The Devil’s Playhouse for further proof of that.

And right now, those two games stand, to me, as Telltale’s best so far. All respect to one and a half season of The Walking Dead: This seems to be the games Telltale was made to make.