Return to Monkey Island: The Trailer Walkthrough

So, here we are: The Return to Monkey Island trailer is out there, and loving it. Or, at least we’re loving it. It is dense, though, the trailer, and therefore we’ve created snapshots of forty-seven of its pivotal moments. Read on and partake in some speculation if you so wish. Thanks for any and all corrections and omissions that have been sent our way -- credits can be found at the bottom of the article.


The Kick-Off

First, the header image is officially the cover-art.


The trailer kicks off with your typical establishing shot, but instead of going the standard “Captain’s log…” route, it launches into a monologue: “Pirating is in my blood.”

The Scrapbook

Image Image
Image Image

Clockwise we see…

  1. The SCUMM Bar and Meathook’s, alongside doodles of the crew from Secret and the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.
  2. Ship combat from either Curse or Escape, and Elaine sword fighting Morgan LeFlay. The latter established Tales as canon once and for all.
  3. The botched wedding and the root beer finale. Doodles include Elaine climbing down the rope in the church (presumably); the Grog machine; El Pollo Diablo, down in the left corner; and Murray.
  4. The spitting contest and Wally from LeChuck’s Revenge. The main doodle is presumably Elaine sword fighting Morgan again Guybrush sword fighting Carla.
Image Image

Finally, we end with two pages presumably from Return. Guybrush swordfighting LeChuck (in a shot reminiscent of one from the canceled movie) and the new pirate leaders in the SCUMM Bar (see further down for more). The character eating the fish is also new to the game. And the last image takes us into the meat of the trailer. Note all the fish sketches: Going through the trailer, fish looks to be a theme to the game.

The Meat of It

Image Image Image Image

Again -- now and through the article -- clockwise:

  1. Guybrush sneaks around LeChuck’s ship.
  2. LeChuck’s office, with a name plate and stress ball and all.
  3. Looks to be a chef in the ship kitchen?
  4. Stan and Otis in the Melee jail. Note the lock on Stan’s cell: still showing sign from Guybrush’s grog.


The Voodoo Lady back at Melee.

Image Image Image Image Image

This very much looks like the Governor’s Mansion on Melee. Is this the new governor? Update! It is Carla.


It does indeed!


The heavy coats would suggest this being set at Brrr Muda, the new, cold island. Also, note the fish. Guybrush having issues eating it looks to be part of a puzzle.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

A ship fight -- and a sword fight between Guybrush and LeChuck -- takes place. Murray gets shot from a cannon. The pirate leaders may be LeChuck’s underlings as they seemingly are on his ship. The pirate leaders are likely on a third ship, and that is probably what Murray is shot at.

Image Image Image Image Image Image
  1. X marks the spot.
  2. That weird judge character again -- and note the keys. Another theme as it seems.
  3. “Marley Foundation.” In support of birds? Water? Jungle?
  4. The new pirate leaders at the SCUMM Bar.
  5. The Giant Monkey Head, with Elaine fighting off some pirate or other.
  6. Elaine climbing down to the catacombs?


Twice in the trailer it is mentioned that the secret will be revealed. If it disappoints you, feel free to contact Thrik!

Image Image Image

A mysterious new villain -- probably one of the new pirate leaders -- throws Guybrush down a cliff. Meanwhile, a six-minute underwater walk to Monkey Island gives him four minutes to spare.

Image Image Image Image
  1. The locksmith on Melee Island.
  2. Some crazy version of traffic cops? Murray is hanging around -- will he have a more prominent role in Return?
  3. LeChuck with his meme-friendly co-villain.
  4. Wally is back! Note he now has a set of glasses. And is the map with the X the location from above?
Image Image Image
  1. The Look-Out is back!
  2. An ice throne on Brrr Muda?
  3. The SCUMM Bar with chef and Cobb and all.
Image Image Image

A menacing LeChuck reminds us to wishlist the game for Steam and Switch.

And there you have it!

Speculations are raging like a wildfire through the forums, so make sure you join in if you want your opinions heard!

Thanks to: Marius, Rum Rogers, Dominique, and kypello.

A walkthrough by Remi, who invites all ReMI haters to file their complaints here!