Bombad Racing Interview Page Three

Which will be the best incarnation of the game - Psx2, DC, PC or MAC?

The PS2 version of the game will have the highest poly models and environments as well as more special effects.

Thumb The Pod Racers speed through underground tunnels

Will they all be released simultaneously?

The current plan is that the PS2 will release first and the other platforms will follow shortly thereafter.

When developing for multiple platforms as you are, do different teams work on the different machines, or do you pool your resources a lot more?

The same development team works on all the platforms, with some of the programmers specializing on one platform or another.

Thumb Is that Yoda? Yeah i think it is!!

If this game is successful will you be making any additional similar games, as opposed to learning titles (SW Maths etc)?

Lucas Learning plans on continuing to make both fun educational titles as well as pure entertainment games such as Star Wars Super Bombad Racing.

Do you have a favourite track, or part of the game?

I really like getting anti-gravity boost and flying around the Hoth Asteroid arena.

We'd like to thank both Michael McCormick and all at LucasLearning for making this interview possible, and for the great new Screenshots!

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