An Interview With Simon Jeffery - E3 2002 Page Two

Andrew: Also, this is another question a lot of fans have been wanting to ask. Have you given any thought to updating some of your older games to run on like a modern day operating systems? Because I know some of the older classics kind of have trouble with that.

Simon: Mmm hmm. We actually are looking into that... we're looking at things like streaming or downloadable delivery of those games, and figuring out how or what we need to do to make that work. Because there's no point in having something like Day of the Tentacle downloadable right now because it wouldn't run on Windows 2000. But yeah, we're looking into that kind of thing. No promises at this point, but we know that a lot of people would love to see something like that.

Sarah: Oh yeah.

Jake: Especially since sequels are coming out 10 years after the original games and people need to know what the heck is going on.

Simon: Uh huh.

Andrew: Are there any other long term goals for the company you have in mind that you can tell us about?

Simon: Well, I think that really what we're going to continue to do is trying to get the games better and better and better. It's not like we got to E3 this year and we think the games are great and that's it. We're just adamant that we've got an opportunity to be building some of the best games in the industry, and we want to keep doing that. We want to get more and more creative and get innovation back into what we're doing again, so it's continual reinvention.

Sarah: Tell us something exciting.


Tom: It's like, "Say something funny."

Sarah: No, no.

Simon: ... Booyah.

Sarah: Oh no.

Andrew: There's an odd question that a lot of fans asked me to ask you. They seem to have the tradition of asking people what their color toothbrush is at home.

Simon: I have a white. White toothbrush. That's an excellent question.

Sarah: I think that was asked of Ron Gilbert...

[People excitedly talking over each other about toothbrushes]

Jake: There's some quote from George Lucas saying he was interested in what LucasArts was doing that wasn't related to Star Wars. We hadn't heard that before.

Simon: Yeah.

Jake: Was that part of the reason you guys decided to [go back to doing] more original stuff, or did he just catch on once you started doing that?

Simon: George has always been very interested in seeing us build more than the Star Wars games, so he's absolutely excited to see that we're moving back in that direction. He... pays close interest Star Wars games around the movies, especially since the games are getting better. He's interested in original properties and storytelling and he's always encouraging us to get out there and do the kind of stuff that Lucasfilm Games, as it was then, was all about when it started. So yeah, he's very, very interested and excited about this change of direction.

Tom: Wasn't there that story when he reviewed the 20th anniversary logo sequence, and he got to the end of it--

Simon: Oh yeah, yeah--

Tom: Actually you were there, so--

Simon: Yeah, he asked where Sam and Max were.

Tom: Yeah.

Simon: I don't know if you've seen the logo montage. It's got clips from our logo usage.

Jake: He asked where Sam and Max were? Where are Sam and Max?

Sarah (simultaneously): Where are Sam and Max!

Simon: Yeah, he said, "Why are Sam and Max not in that montage?"

Tom: But that's his level, I mean that's the degree in which he knows about us.

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