The Wolf Among Us Screenshots Now Available to All

08 May, 2013, 01:19 | Posted by: Jennifer
Game Informer's exclusive first look at Telltale's game based on Bill Willingham's Fables comics, The Wolf Among Us, is now available online for those who don't subscribe to the print magazine (or its digital counterpart).

There's quite a few screenshots showing the game's excellent comic book inspired style in action, as well as some more information about how the game is going to play. It's definitely worth a read (if you haven't read it already).

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    Comment by: elTee | Posted 09 May, 2013, 16:52 | Quote
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    Comment by: Jason | Posted 08 May, 2013, 19:27 | Quote
    Looks fantastic. And I've never read the comic but I love the premise. Definitely my most anticipated of Telltale's, um, two upcoming games.
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    Comment by: MrManager | Posted 08 May, 2013, 14:49 | Quote
    Impressive. Very impressive.
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    Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 08 May, 2013, 05:39 | Quote
    The Telltale engine sure is scrubbing up nicely. The usual complaints about Telltale's graphics should be well and truly gone now. Lets hope the animation can match. Beautiful looking game, from those images.

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