Ronnie James Dio, almost-voice of Doviculus, dies at 67

16 May, 2010, 22:38 | Posted by: ATMachine | Source: CNN
Some sad news: Heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, who as you may remember was the first choice to play arch-villain Doviculus in Brütal Legend, has died of stomach cancer at age 67.

Dio is most famous for replacing Ozzy Osbourne as lead singer of the band Black Sabbath after the latter left rather acrimoniously.

Ultimately Dio was dropped, somewhat suddenly and unceremoniously, from Brütal Legend, and his character was recast with Tim Curry. Speculation that this was done to get Ozzy to agree to appear in the game remains unsubstantiated.

Our most heartfelt Mojo condolences go out to Mr. Dio's widow and other family members. He will be forever remembered as "that guy who was almost in a really awesome Tim Schafer game." (You're fired. -Ed)
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What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Jeo | Posted 18 May, 2010, 09:15 | Quote


    So was he the voice of the demon in the original Sierra trailer?

    Wasn't the voice of the demon the same voice that narrated Brütal Legend's... legends? Definitely not Dio, though.
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    Comment by: Udvarnoky | Posted 18 May, 2010, 02:37 | Quote
    So was he the voice of the demon in the original Sierra trailer?
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    Comment by: ThunderPeel2001 | Posted 17 May, 2010, 20:57 | Quote
    He probably couldn't act, and wasn't adding much to the game by appearing in it, either. Whereas this didn't matter so much for a minor role like Lemmy's, it would have sucked for the main bad guy to have sounded terrible. Just my guess.
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    Comment by: Jeo | Posted 17 May, 2010, 15:50 | Quote
    Dio was still part of Brütal Legend for me. Always remembered him when I saw Doviculus.

    This really upset me. He was doing so well the last time I saw him perform and that was less than year ago.
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    Comment by: GozzoMan | Posted 17 May, 2010, 09:33 | Quote
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    Comment by: Kroms | Posted 17 May, 2010, 08:40 | Quote
    Oh yeah, he just popularized it.
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    Comment by: elTee | Posted 17 May, 2010, 08:24 | Quote
    Dio did not invent the Horns ¬¬

    One or two of his Sabbath songs are certainly good. Adios, man.
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    Comment by: Kroms | Posted 17 May, 2010, 03:29 | Quote
    Well that's a little...unsettling. The guy invented the horns/corna (where you place your thumb over your middle and ring fingers, and stick out your index and pinky). Anyways, good musician and amazing voice. Shame he's gone.
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    Comment by: haydenwce27 | Posted 16 May, 2010, 23:59 | Quote
    Far out. That is not what I expected to see when I clicked onto MixN'Mojo. That's extremely sad. Last I heard he was winning his battle with stomach cancer, and then this. It's really strange to think that the guy is gone...
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    Comment by: Thrik | Posted 16 May, 2010, 23:23 | Quote
    Holy shit!


    Holy shit!

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