Press Clippings


Scanned pages from magazines and newspapers, related to LucasArts or LucasArts alumni.
Gallery Date
"LucasArts: A New Hope" (EDGE Magazine, 2006)
A review of the company and a look at their future. (8 images)
23 Oct, 2010
"Telling Tales," Tim Schafer Interview (GamesTM Magazine, Issue 52)
An intervieww about Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Double Fine. (4 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Advertisements (Various)
Advertising. As if we on Mojo don't do enough of that already. (2 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Bone (Press)
Relating to theTelltale game series based on Jeff Smith's comics. (1 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Curse of Monkey Island (Press)
(2 images)
27 Jun, 2011
Escape from Monkey Island (Press)
(7 images)
27 Jun, 2011
Habitat: "Enter the On-line World of LucasFilm" (RUN, 1987)
For the 1987 MMO made by LucasFilm Games. (5 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Press)
Press from the classic LucasArts adventure game first released in 1992. (16 images)
19 Aug, 2019
Jurassic Park (Press)
Press clippings related to the Telltale Games game Jurassic Park (2 images)
08 Jan, 2011
Maniac Mansion (Press, Promotional Material, and Merchandise)
(38 images)
13 Feb, 2021
Maniac Mansion TV Show (Press)
(6 images)
19 Aug, 2012
Miscellaneous LucasArts Press
Warning: may contain nostalgia. (1 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Press)
From the 1991 LucasArts adventure game, designed by Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, and Dave Grossman. (25 images)
27 Jun, 2011
PC Format Collectors Series
(30 images)
24 Oct, 2020
Psychonauts (Press)
From the 2005 game developed by Double Fine Productions, and lead by Tim Schafer. (15 images)
09 Aug, 2020
Ron Gilbert (PC Zone, issue 59, 2005)
A catch-up with Ron Gilbert, Monkey Island designer. (2 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Sam & Max Telltale Seasons (Press)
Various articles and reviews for Telltale's series based on Steve Purcell's comics. (31 images)
09 Aug, 2020
Sam & Max: Freelance Police (Press)
Articles from the game's initial release to its cancellation. (12 images)
19 May, 2019
Sam & Max: Hit the Road (Press)
Press relating to LucasArts' 1993 adventure game based on Steve Purcell's comics. (7 images)
17 Apr, 2021
The Dig (Press)
From the 1995 LucasArts adventure game, designed by Brian Moriarty and Sean Clark. (7 images)
27 Jun, 2011
The Making of Monkey Island: 30 Years of Threepwood
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Monkey Island, the now defunct Wireframe magazine featured a six-page, series-wide retrospective as part of their 43rd issue. Authored by Jack Yarwood, it features fresh quotes from various developers. To preserve this piece, the relevant pages were collected in this gallery, while the full issue is hosted by at the time of this writing: (6 images)
08 Apr, 2023
The Secret of Monkey Island (Press)
(18 images)
27 Jun, 2011