Our omnium gatherum: photos of LEGO and half-forgotten people.
Gallery Date
Bill Eaken's LucasArts artwork
Nifty art by Bill Eaken for The Dig and Fate of Atlantis. (4 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Curse of Monkey Island Audition Material
(74 images)
01 Apr, 2021
Day of the Tentacle Promotional Material
(3 images)
30 Oct, 2010
Double Fine Action Comics Archive
Examples of Scott C.'s work for Double Fine Productions. (26 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Grim Fandango Audition Material
(60 images)
27 Aug, 2021
Grim Fandango Promotional Material
(1 images)
29 Mar, 2022
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Novelization
The unfinished novel by Ron MacGregor. (1 images)
14 Dec, 2011
LEGO Indiana Jones Sets
Sets released by LEGO in 2008, timed for the release of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film. (2 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Maniac Mansion Diorama
(6 images)
07 Apr, 2022
MojoComics, Unorganized
A collection of all extant MojoComics from the archives. Most of these were presented in the form of Behind Mojo news posts, meaning we could actually go back and fix all the broken images on those. Don't count on it, though. (98 images)
24 Apr, 2020
MojoComics: Guybrush Threepwood, mighty jerk
But a taste of Gabez's virtuosity, originally released via news post on 8/11/2008. (7 images)
16 May, 2019
MojoComics: Herge's Adventures of Tingler
I was going to do part 2 where george lucas was forced to put the maniac mansion posters up for sale, but, the usual never finished it -elTee (4 images)
24 Apr, 2020
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
(6 images)
10 Dec, 2010
Podcast Album Covers
For you to use in iTunes, maybe! (2 images)
18 Jun, 2011
Purcell & Campbell iam8bit Artwork
Sam and Max based work. (3 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Steve Purcell Paintings
Framed copies of the original paintings for box arts, as seen on eBay. (3 images)
23 Oct, 2010
Telltale in 2004
(2 images)
15 Aug, 2020
The LucasArts Team in 1990
Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Dave Grossman, Hal Barwood, and others, help pack boxes of The Secret of Monkey Island. (5 images)
14 Apr, 2022
The Walking Dead action figure
(6 images)
12 Nov, 2014
Tim Schafer Applies at Lucasfilm Games
Tim famously applied to the "Assistant Designer/Programmer" position at Lucasfilm Games in 1989 with a resume in the form of an adventure game, following a disastrous phone interview with David Fox where he inadvertently admitted to pirating Ballblazer. Read Tim's full account here: (6 images)
09 Apr, 2021