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The Dig demo (MS-DOS)

  • Uploaded: 13 Dec, 2010, 21:11
  • Size: 27.014 MB
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A note from the Project Leader:

Ok, so the demo looks pretty cool... What's the story?
Well, it's like this. A very large asteroid enters an unstable
orbit around Earth. You, Commander Boston Low, get to lead a
space shuttle mission to push the asteroid into a stable orbit
with the help of some explosives. It works! But during your
exploration of this big rock-in-space, you discover a shaft
leading into the interior. Things are not what they seem:
the asteroid appears to have been manufactured. You accidently
trigger something and find yourself hurtled through space in a
faster-than-light spaceship. Now marooned on what seems to be a
desolate alien world, you now have three tasks. 1) Keep you and
your crew alive. 2) Find a way home. 3) Learn what you can about
the ruins of what seems to have been a thriving,technologically
advanced culture. As the game progresses, the three tasks meld
into one. Character interaction plays a big part of how problems
get solved. One of your crew will become obsessive and greedy,
while the other will become fiercely independent. As the person in
charge, you'll have to overcome these problems while sifting through
the alien relics, looking for a way home.

And yes, you do get to meet the aliens....

What's the game going to be like??
Big. Fun. Deep. Did I mention big? The demo only scratches
the surface, and only shows a small portion of the full game.
There are many discoveries to be made, some very dramatic scenes
with you and your crew, and some interesting interaction with the
wildlife. We have tried to make a complete world for you to explore
with lots of fun puzzley things to do. But rather than having a
passive world, the story is designed to pull at you and draw you
into the game. Add that to beautiful art and animation, tons of
puzzles, richly spoken dialogue, and an alluring digital soundtrack
for a total game experience.

The Dig according to Sean...
The Dig will be out this fall. Really. Stop laughing. I'm not
kidding! I can promise this because I hold the whip. Besides,
I don't get a vacation until it's out and people like you start
buying the game,the novel, the audio-tape drama, the soundtrack CD,
the strategy guide...
-Sean Clark-

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