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Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire non-interactive demo (MS-DOS)

  • Uploaded: 13 Dec, 2010, 21:09
  • Size: 7.19 MB
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A note from the designer:

What you will see in the demo is a short video sequence from Rebel
Assault II, an exclusive CD-Rom game due out Winter 1995 from
LucasArts Entertainment Company. In designing the sequel to Rebel
Assault, I've writen an original story, vastly improving the game
engine technologically, and have tried to be responsive to customer
feedback from the first game.

Rebel Assault II will feature:

* Over a dozen action-packed levels.
* Genuine soundtrack by John Williams and the London Symphony
* Video with professional actors and genuine Star Wars props and
* An Original storyline set in the Star Wars universe.
* High quality, 256-color, full-screen animation.
* 10-Channel digital music and sound effects in stereo.
* Enhanced controllability and game play.
* Built-in level-tuning editor.
* Speederbikes and the Millenium Falcon.
* Pilot-based save games, every level with passcode override.
* High-resolution (640 X 400) support.
* Joystick, mouse, or keyboard controls.
* Windows 95 compatibility.

It is my hope that fans of the first game will really be blown away
by Rebel Assault II. There are tons of games out billed as
"interactive movies", but often what you find can either be
classified as an "interactive slide show" or at the other extreme
an "inactive movie." Rebel Assault II, however, will feature all the
elements that made the fist game successful; fast and furious action
along with straightforward but engaging game play. Only this time I
hope to make it even better!

Enjoy the demo. See you in the spring when they they'll let me go
outside again.

-Vince Lee

Rebel Assault II TM and copyright LucasArts Entertainment Company.
All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. The LucasArts logo
is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.