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Loom Audio Drama


The 30-minute Loom audio drama that serves as a prologue to the game. Originally packaged with the game on cassette or CD, depending on the release. Produced by Skywalker Sound back when it was still called Sprocket Systems.

Below the line are the drama's credits, as printed in the game's manual:


A Fantasy by
Brian Moriarty

Produced by
John Rieger

Directed by
John Rieger

Music Composed by
Jerry Gerber

Music Performed by
Jerry Gerber

Lois Betterton as Elder Clothos
Rosey Black as Lady Cygna
Pat Franklin as Hetchel
David Case as Elder Atropos
Donada Peters as Elder Lachesis
Edmund Kimbell as Young Bobbin
Richard Seyd as Teenage Bobbin

Sound Design Consultant
Randy Thom

Executive Producer
Doug Glen

Production Coordinators
Mary Bihr, Cate Coombs

Package Design
Rick Strand

Special Thanks To
Erik Bauersfeld, Tom Scott, Tami Butcher, Susan Leahy, Robin Veasey, Cheryl Ridenour, Stacey Lamiero, Paula Hendricksen, Scott Schuman, Steve Arnold, George Lucas

LOOM was recorded at
Skywalker Ranch

Sprocket Systems a division of Lucasfilm ltd.