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Full Throttle demo (MS-DOS)

  • Uploaded: 13 Dec, 2010, 21:06
  • Size: 94.372 MB
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This demo consists of three interactive segments, each representing
an area and style of gameplay from FULL THROTTLE. In all three
segments, you control Ben, leader of the Polecats. The controls for
each section are not all the same, but you'll always be steering
Ben through different environments, using him to find clues, and
helping him fight his way past obstacles.


Ben's been tricked, knocked out, and thrown out with the garbage.
This makes him mad. He needs to catch up with his gang, but
someone's taken the keys to his bike. Help Ben make someone pay
for this.

First, get Ben out of the dumpster. He'll punch the dumpster
wherever you point the cursor and click, so just hit the right
place and he'll pop out. Now, walk Ben around. Just point and click
on the ground and watch him go. Look at the cursor. When it's over
an interesting object, it either goes "hot" (framed by red brackets)
or becomes an arrow. The arrows indicate exits. Click with an
arrow, and Ben will walk that way and enter another area.
(Double-click with an arrow, and Ben will jump to the new area

When the cursor is "hot," (for example, when the cursor is over the
dumpster) click and HOLD DOWN the mouse button. Yikes! What is that
thing!? It's a flaming tattoo! It's covered with icons. These icons
represent actions Ben can take on the object you clicked on (the
dumpster). While the tattoo is on the screen, slide the cursor over
the boot and let go. Ben should kick the dumpster. Bring up the
tattoo again, slide the cursor over the eyes, and let go. Ben
should examine the dumpster. Next, try the hand and the mouth. This
is how Ben interacts with his environment. Try different actions on
different objects and see if you can make something interesting
happen. Use your fists on the front door of the bar. Talk to the
bartender (use the mouth.) Kick the piano. Try it all, until you
find Ben's keys.


This part is totally different from that last part. Forget about
that part. Now you're on the road--The Old Mine road! There are no
cops here, no rules--just bikers. Bikers who are looking for

Swerve left or right with the mouse. Select a weapon (Ben's fist or
his tire iron) by clicking the right mouse button. Use the weapon by
clicking the left mouse button. If at first you don't succeed--punch,
punch again.


The Cavefish are a nasty, antisocial, cult-like gang who live in a
secret cave off the Old Mine Road. Living underground all their
lives, the Cavefish are very sensitive to sunlight, and wear special
opaque goggles that help them navigate the road using the bumps on
the center line. Ben would normally steer clear of them, but they
have something he wants--a ramp. He needs a ramp to jump Poyahoga
gorge, and since they stole it from Ricky Myran, Ben feels justified
in stealing it back.

When you're off your bike, this area works the same way the
Kickstand area does. You get the flaming tattoo interface and all
that. But, when you're ON your bike, you only control WHERE Ben
drives. When the cursor passes over something Ben can drive to,
you'll see a big yellow road sign. Click the mouse when you see the
road sign, and Ben will ride off! Click anywhere else on the screen,
and Ben gets off his bike and walks. Walking's pretty lame, I know,
but sometimes you gotta do it.


W Walk to
K Kick
P Pick up/Punch
E Examine
I Inventory
T Talk to
+ Speed up text display
- Slow down text display
] Increase voice volume
[ Reduce voice volume
' Increase sound effects volume
; Reduce sound effects volume
Esc: Escape cut scenes
Space bar: Pause game
CTRL-T: Toggles text display on and off
CTRL-C, Alt-X or Alt-Q: Quit to DOS

NOTE: Pressing keys other than the ones indicated above may cause
your the demo to lock up.

Performance Issues

The Full Throttle Demo contains a preview of an exciting new
addition to this genre of game in the Biker Road Duel section.
Unfortunately, this part of the demo may appear somewhat slow on
older computers that do not have accelerated video hardware
(a VL or PCI Local Bus video card).

Joystick Control

There is currently NO support for joystick control in the demo.
Please use your mouse to control Ben.

Boot Disk

The Full Throttle Demo runs in Protect Mode. Most computers with
8MB of RAM will NOT be able to run the demo immediately after
exiting Microsoft Windows or with Windows-optimized startup files.
If you encounter any problems runnung the demo, please make a boot
disk. You can make a boot disk by selecting the Make Boot Disk
option from the Main menu on the Archive demo CD-ROM. Or by typing
"bootdisk" from the root directory of your CD-ROM.

Additional information may be found by refering to the
Reference Manual.

Sound Issues

Ultrasound driver to work properly, SBOS must not be loaded in your

CRYSTALIZER PLUG AND PLAY: iMUSE, our sound configuration
utility, will detect this card as a Sound Blaster Pro. It will
not work properly with this driver, therefore you must choose the
Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster 2.0 diver from the custom setup

MEDIACHIPS MAD16: iMUSE, our sound configuration utility, will
detect this card as a Sound Blaster Pro. It will not work
properly with this driver, therefore you must choose the Sound
Blaster or Sound Blaster 2.0 driver from the custom setup menu.

Full Throttle TM and copyright LucasArts Entertainment Company.
All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. The LucasArts
logo is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.