Broken Age OST on vinyl

When you think Mojo, you think hip. That’s just a natural fact. Skinny jeans; complicated shoes; tattoos; man-buns for the gentlemen… That is Mojo through and through, and it should come as no surprise that Mojo exclusively plays its music on a turntable. This is why we had to wait for the vinyl version of the Broken Age soundtrack before we could do a write-up on it.

Peter McConnell’s OST is quite the deal at $34. Not only do the records (both of them) weigh in at 150 grams, you also get access to high quality 320kbp MP3 downloads. There’s a poster, plus a download code for the game. Granted, you already own it (and probably the digital album, too), but it’d make a good gift.

I always had a soft spot for Broken Age. It felt different from previous Schafer games, possibly because it was both an adventure game and story. Fittingly so, the soundtrack sounds different than McConnell’s previous work. The line from Full Throttle to Psychonauts appeared fairly straight to me -- not a bad thing of course -- and while Broken Age clearly has that patented McConnell quality, the sound veers almost into organic territories here. Lush, if you like.

That goes well with the art and setting of the game, and frankly, if I was a snob (I am, as you know, way to humble to claim that), I’d suggest LPs are the medium of choice for this soundtrack. If you want lush music, you want it to sound warm, making analog the way to go. It was even mastered specifically for vinyl, and my god can you imagine bragging to your favorite barista about that? Bring the cover -- it’s raised spot gloss, so you can be tactile while showing it off!

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The inner sleeves and gatefold feature original art by Nathan Stapley, and the whole package is truly beautiful.

I’m a fan of the soundtrack, and the only downside with the vinyl version is that you have to get up three times to swap sides and records. I mean, that’s me being lazy and all, but you know…

Don’t have a record player, but want the experience anyway? Look to the right. Right there →

I mean, right?

iam8bit did a great job with this, and $34 really is a steal. Run and buy, and you too will be a cool kid.

A write-up by Remi, who once upon a time used to work the record fair circuit.