Battle For Naboo Demo Review Review

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On with the Review:
Battle for Naboo is an Episode 1 game developed by LucasArts and Factor 5, the same people who developed the hit SW game "Rouge Squadron".

So I EL POLLO DIABLO decided to review the brand new demo and see what, if anhting at all, they had changed since "Rouge Squadron".

The Kit i reviewed it on was:

Pentium III 450MHz
128mb RAM
3Dfx Voodoo 3000 (NO FSAA)
SoundBlaster Live 1024

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"You are accompanied by your captain who is about as helpful as a bat on a pogo-stick!!"

So LucasArts have decided to drop Obi-Wan and bring Battle for Naboo to the PC , (trying to make up for the loss?) and what can I say, Well apart from Jar Jar being squashed during the developers opening video, its Rouge Squadron with more ships and a now tired Episode I make over. (I personally think its time they started to develop Episode II games)

The game is obviously made for the Nintendo as it rudely ignores the fact that PCs have keyboards and Mice, the aiming device on the game is designed specifically designed for the Nintendo analog stick and does not really work with the SideWinder digital pad. Keyboard and mouse can be used but steering is very weird.

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The LucasArts logo

The graphics look ok from a distance but when you get up close you can really see that they are awful. Just as we al feared then they announced this title for the PC, they didnt change the graphics from the n64 version.
The Characters within the game are static and do not move about whilst on the S.T.A.P., Their bodies are made up of of two 2D sprites slotted together in an X shape in an attempt to try and create a 3D Picture, the ships are very sharp and are not rounded or made to feel round.

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Your Ship the heavy S.T.A.P.

The first level involves you flying around some tiny Naboo village in order to save some farmers from being killed by battle droids on S.T.A.Ps, you are accompanied by your captain who is about as helpful as a bat on a pogo-stick!! As he flys around and complains about the battle droids firing at him You have to guard his butt all the time whilst trying to shoot battle droids who are miles away from you & your captain.

The sound effects in BFNaboo is the basic sound that was recorded by the Episode I's Folley Artists (People who create the Sound Effects for films). The sound is very basic in the demo and only has a little amount of sound, the sounds included are Flying, Battle Broids Speech, The guy who tells you your mission, your Captain, the Blasters and some explosions.

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The Droids Destroy Farm Houses (they are important strategic targets... no really they are!)

The Background music apears to be the score from the film, but it gets old fast.

The cut scenes are not rendered in 3D they are run in the games engine which has not been edited that much since 'Rouge Squadron'. and as a result looks horrible

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You and you helpful Captain

After stopping the obviously incredibly important and strategic targets of the farms from being destroyed, you then have to defend yourself and your hapless captain from the Trade Federations big tanks and their droid controlled attack ships, at this point get to exchange your S.T.A.P for some other Naboo ship, but these vehicles strangely do not have shields.. or atleast appear not to.

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Look Someone Destroyed a Farm House (see.. important targets must be destroyed)

Basically at this point i was so bored of the game i gave up.
I had to force myself to get even this far into the game

So in conclusion I would not really fork out the £30 odd pounds/$40 Dollars (PC PRICES) and I would definitely not spend £40+ pound/$50+ Dollars (N64 PRICE) for this game, I would rather buy the budget version of 'Rouge Squadron' and download the Naboo Fighter patch! (I'd rather play TIE Fighter - Spaff) - If you think you'll enjoy it you are probably wrong, but none the less some people will be perfectly happy to play a 3rd rate game

STAR WARS BATTLE FOR NABOO goes on sale on these following dates:

  • 13th March 2000 (U.S.)(PC and N64)
  • March 23rd (UK)(PC)
  • March 30th (UK)(N64)

Review by Graeme Chicken
© The International House of Mojo 2001

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Release date:
Demo: March 2001
Full game: 13th March 2000 (U.S.)(PC and N64)
March 23rd (UK)(PC)
March 30th (UK)(N64)
p233, 64mb ram, 3d Accelerator
Reviewers Kit:
p450, 128mb, 3Dfx Voodoo 3000

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Jar Jar is squashed in the opening developer movie!

Its an Episode I based game.
No keyboard for writing or mouse for Menu Browsing.
Jaggedy models without fsaa on.
Dodgy steering in places.

The only good thing I can really say is I liked the bit when Jar Jar was squashed!!

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