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OK, but how crazy is it that we don't have any bloody Star Wars games?

With all the time spent complaining about Star Wars games circa 1999-20wheneverpeoplestoppedcaring, I gotta ask: what happened?

Maybe it's because LucasArts, like Telltale, the Telltale Tool, and Kevin Bruner's career, is dead. Maybe it's because Simon Jeffery and Jim Ward live on that yacht upstate somewhere where all former LucasArts CEOs go, and they can't tell Kathleen Kennedy to start cashing in. Or maybe Star Wars games have finally faced their "marketplace realities" and have taken a Han Solo-like tumble into the abyss.

All I know is that we live in a world with four Star Wars movies in as many years and one LEGO game to show for it. The bitter part of me that wanted all lost adventure games is gleeful. The other part is wondering how on earth the people who wanted Star Wars to be "adult" so badly they wished that edgy snoozefest Rogue One into existence aren't clamoring for Rogue One: Fortnite. Also, do none of these people want Super Smash Disney Brawl? Thanos vs. Vader, people. Captain America vs. Wreck-It Ralph. It's at least as entertaining as those Avengers movies and probably at least as good-looking as Civil War. Honestly, I'm just spitballing here. Something something media franchise potential.

Anyway, play Kathy Rain. It's great. Primordia and Gemini Rue are great, too.

Posted 11 Dec, 2018, 06:28 by Kroms

Comment from TheSeg

The more recent Star Wars games are now in physical attractions.

* The Void's Rogue One game is a mixed reality experience.
* Star Wars Galaxies' Millennium Falcon attraction is literally a video game with a very big, custom controller.

The interactive narrative work for Star Wars is focused now on physical experiences these days.
Avatar Posted 11 Jan, 2019, 03:18 | Quote

Comment from Kroms

Part of the game's charm is in her development as a character.

I thought Rogue One was a lot of fanservice and thin characterisation. :( I don't even remember most of it.
Avatar Posted 12 Dec, 2018, 12:19 | Quote

Comment from popularsoup

I tried to play Kathy Rain, but the main character was just so annoying. But then, I thought Rogue One was the best of the whole series by a wide margin, so obviously there's something wrong with me.
Avatar Posted 12 Dec, 2018, 10:56 | Quote

Comment from Kroms

To clarify, I meant Civil War was an ugly, ugly movie.
Avatar Posted 11 Dec, 2018, 17:10 | Quote

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