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It was always better ten years ago

I remember a time when Mixnmojo was spammed every day by overzealous fans wanting—nay, demanding and petitioning—Telltale Games to recast Sam and Max with "Hit the Road" actors Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson. With at least one fan still obsessing about this and refusing to let 1993 go, and my suspecting that nostalgia is a more potent, opinion-altering drug than most prepackaged powder you'll score on a corner, I went to find a Sam and Max voice comparison video on YouTube and pulled the highest rated comment: "tinkler was a great voice for max bc he perfectly conveyed his personality in his dialogue, but kasten/boat was also great during the rest of telltale's series. for sam, i cant see anyone else besides nowlin playing him after the telltale games, he really hit the nail on the head with his emphasis and emotion when it was needed, especially during season 3."

Ah, how the tables turn. Or how strong a thing nostalgia is. It's almost as if the Internet loves to whine for nothing. But does this illustration of the concept of "opinions" mean the Internet will move on? Of course not! But since pettiness is the order of the day, I'll point out that the real point of this post is that being proven right really is the most potent drug of all.

Posted 22 Dec, 2020, 20:35 by Kroms

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