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Telltale announces first adventure title!

20 Feb, 2005, 17:09 | Posted by: Jake
Telltale Games, the group of independent ex-LucasArts gamemakers descended from the Sam & Max Freelance Police team, have announced their first adventure title - Bone, based on the popular comic book series.<:MORENEWS:>
Lost in the desert and dying of thirst, the Bone cousins are separated by an angry swarm of locusts. Now Fone Bone, armed only with a mysterious map and his well-loved copy of Moby Dick, searches a strange valley to try and find his lost relatives. Along the way he will come face to face with its unusual denizens and begin to be drawn into the greater intrigues that surround the valley.

Telltale Games brings you all the humor, charm and mystery of Jeff Smith's acclaimed comic book series Bone. Fans of the comic and adventure gamers alike will find a new home in the valley, as they explore familiar locations and interact with its residents in this character driven adventure.
The Telltale site offers a tiny bit more about Bone in the form of one heavily cropped screenshot, and some art from the comics. What exactly is Bone, the comic book? Well, here are a couple of helpful pages from the Bone website dedicated to a rough outline of the plot of the comics, and the characters involved!

Though I don't know much about the world of Bone, the characters, setting, and universe (episodic adventurous tales laced with comedy, clever scenarios etc) sound very fitting for Telltale. We wish them the best of luck, and will of course be following the developments of Bone closely.

Update: From the short description and image posted by Telltale it appears that the game will be based on the latest Bone comicbook called "Out from Boneville".
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Sven_Q45 | Posted 29 Apr, 2008, 21:07
    Very good news!
  • Comment by: xChri5x | Posted 21 Feb, 2005, 02:17
    Bone is awesome. I've been playing adventure games for years; Since Sam and Max came out.
    Bone is perfect for this genre And this genre is perfect for Bone.

    The book on amazon (Out From boneville) isnt particularly the latest book as in story wise. Its the first book in the story re-done in all color. It's the first of 9 books that will be re done in full color. The original 9 black and white book are already out and have been on the market for years.
    I can't see the game being based off the first book. It just won't work. Its a continuous story that needs all 9 books to make it whole. Its a long story, so be ready for a really long game.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 21 Feb, 2005, 02:34
    Or perhaps be ready for several (nine?)shorter games.
  • Comment by: Remi O | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 19:22
    Strangely enough I just bought my first Bone comic today. I've been meaning to check it out for years. If the comicbook is anything to go by, this might be something good.
  • Comment by: monkeyboobs | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 18:42
    Yeah baby!!!
  • Comment by: Simon | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 18:24
    I read the complete 'Bone' last year (when it became available in a very hefty one-volume paperback) and enjoyed it very much. It could make a fun adventure game.

    Seems that they might be planning to do it episodically - the copyright blurb says "based on the book 'Bone: Out From Boneville'", which is the first of the nine volumes that the story is told in.
  • Comment by: Metallus | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 18:19
    Heard of Bone, never read more than a couple pages of it, however. I suspect I'll be doing some research before playing this game. Very cool stuff though!
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 18:33
    I wonder how 'spoiled' one would get by reading the comics? If the game is following the storyline, I think I'll pass on the comic book so as not to ruin the basic story. Most likely I'll get the comics *after* completing the game / games.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 18:09
  • Comment by: Udvarnoky | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 17:57
    This sounds awesome.
  • Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 20 Feb, 2005, 17:47
    I stand corrected, and owe someone an apology. I didn't believe that it was Bone when we discussed the possible silloute.

    Might be a good game. We'll see.

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