The official Walking Dead page has been updated with the release date for episode 2 of season 2. Telltale will be releasing the game for PC, Mac, and PlayStation 3 on March 4, with Xbox 360, iOS, and international releases following very shortly afterward. Both episode one and two will be released for the PlayStation Vita at the end of March.

Hopefully the imminent release of The Walking Dead Season Two on Vita means that platform will be receiving The Wolf Among Us soon as well, as that game is currently AWOL on Vita as well.

In related news, Telltale has brought back Playing Dead, this time through IGN, with Greg Miller replacing AJ Locascio as host. The latest episode contains an interview with the voice of Luke, Scott Porter, and a new trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two: Episode 2.
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February Mojo Tidbits

21 Feb, 2014, 16:44 | Posted by: Jennifer | Be the first to comment!
With all the Amnesia Fortnight madness going on, we managed to miss the news that Broken Age Act I is now available DRM-free to those who already ordered it from your download page at If you haven't already ordered, Double Fine has set up a website for you to purchase the DRM-free version here.

Speaking of Amnesia Fortnight, Double Fine has graciously allowed the community to create their own version of one of the pitches that didn't make it this year. That pitch is one that didn't make it through both years of public Amnesia Fortnight, Patrick Hackett's Bad Golf (and Bad Golf 2). Bad Golf: Community Edition is being created with Unity under the creative commons no commercial license, and is being coordinated through github. They are still actively seeking anyone who wants to help. They still need programmers, artists, musicians, foley and voice artists, and 3D and 2D artists. If you want to see where you can help, check out their issue tracker and check out the project's forum thread for updates on the progress.

In Telltale news, The Walking Dead Season Two episode 2 has received a release window. Episode one will be released in early March, at least for the platforms that have already received episode one. There is still no sign of when the PlayStation Vita and Ouya versions of Season 2 episode 1 will be released.

Lastly, Telltale and Gearbox will be at SXSW at a panel at 5:30 on March 8th, where they will reveal the first information about their upcoming episodic series, Tales of The Borderlands.
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The man might try to keep us down, but we say screw him. Here's our review of the second episode of The Wolf Among Us: Smoke & Mirrors.

Spoiler: We like it. For the most part. Though Telltale seems to try to make it as hard as possible for us to do so. Anyway! Read!

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The iOS version of The Wolf Among Us now has episode 2 available, which can be purchased and downloaded inside of the application.

With this, most of the season's announced platforms are up to date. However, there's still no sign of when the PlayStation Vita version of episode 1 and 2 will be released.

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Update 2/6: Microsoft is sending out download codes to those who purchased the season pass for The Wolf Among Us on XBLA. Check your Live inbox for the message. If you haven't received yours yet, you should be getting it soon.

Update 2/5: It's out on XBLA and on PSN in Europe now too. There's apparently a problem with season passes on XBLA, where the system will not let you download episode 2 if you purchased a season pass. Do not click to buy episode 2, as you will be charged twice. Microsoft updated their Xbox live status page stating that they are working on it now, and should have a fix out by tomorrow.

Update 2/4: It's out on the Telltale Games store, Steam, and on PlayStation Network in North America now.

The Telltale Blog has just been updated with release dates for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke and Mirrors.

It will be released on February 4th for PC, Mac, and PSN in North America, and on February 5th for PSN in Europe and XBLA. The iOS version will be released next week as well. The Vita version won't be releasing at that time, as there's still no word on the Vita release of episode one (nor is there any word on the Vita version of The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 1 for that matter).

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Since the release date of the second episode of The Wolf Among Us is looming, Telltale has released the trailer for the game, which they have tagged as a red band trailer due to the violent and sexual content within. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors will be released some time next week.
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IGN's Up at Noon has a new episode up focusing on The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, with an interview with Adam "Bigby" Harrington and new information (Lee Everett himself, Dave Fennoy, plays Bluebeard) as well as a new clip (at 16:56). They also have an interview with Tim Schafer, where he answers Kickstarter questions.
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There's bad news for fans of Wallace & Gromit and Telltale Games. Telltale's digital distribution agreement with Aardman Studios expired, and Telltale doesn't have plans to renew that agreement. That means that Wallace & Gromit is no longer available for digital distribution anywhere. If you previously purchased it from XBLA, iTunes, Steam,, or the Telltale Store, you will be able to re-download it. But, unfortunately if you hadn't already purchased it, you will no longer be able to buy it, unless you can track down a site selling the PC DVD version (which is currently in-stock at Amazon, if you want to pick it up before it's gone forever, or at least while it's still reasonably priced).
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Telltale's co-founder and president Kevin Bruner just posted on the Telltale forums that The Wolf Among Us episode 2 will finally be released in the first week of February.

He had the following to say about the delay:

Ep 2 should be available the first week of February. We are working hard with all of our partners (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Apple) to coordinate everything, but we’re confident enough to announce that here. The episode is looking really good (as is the rest of the season!). We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays). I won't dive into the details, but it’s been an unusual and specific set of circumstances and we do not anticipate it happening again as we go forward with the rest of the season.

So there you have it. First week of February!

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On December 19th, The Amazon Appstore added a version of The Walking Dead to their service for the Kindle Fire HDX. At the moment, it's not available for any other Android based system.

However, another Android platform is indeed confirmed to be getting The Walking Dead: Season One in the future: the Ouya. Now that it's out on an Android platform, it's certainly possible it may come out on the main Google Play store for more Android platforms at some point.

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So here we are, another season of what many, possibly most, consider the best game of last year. Can The Walking Dead: Season Two live up to its predecessor? After playing “All That Remains” we can say... possibly? Maybe? Outlook is hazy?

Anyway! Read our review; maybe you agree with us, but you probably don't.

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The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1: All That Remains is out now for most platforms. It's available for PC and Mac through Steam and the Telltale Store, for Xbox 360's Live Arcade and PS3's PlayStation Network in Europe and North America, and on iTunes (where the title gets even larger as Walking Dead: The Game - Season Two).

Telltale's PR Person Laura Perusco posted in the PlayStation blog that news about the PlayStation Vita release will be coming shortly after the holidays. There's no word on the release date for the Ouya version (although The Walking Dead: Season One is scheduled to be released on Ouya in Winter 2014, so it won't be releasing sooner than that).

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Telltale just made a post on Twitter announcing the release dates for The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1: All That Remains.

It will release later today for PC and Mac (through the Telltale Store and Steam) and for PlayStation 3 in North America. It will then release tomorrow worldwide for Xbox 360. The iOS version will be coming later this week. The European PlayStation 3 release date, as well as the release dates for the Vita and Ouya versions have not yet been set.
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Hot on the heels of the Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands announcements comes a few teaser trailers. Little is known about either game, and we still haven't gotten confirmation of Game of Thrones being a re-skinned version of the unreleased King's Quest. For now, videos:

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Telltale to make "Tales from the Borderlands"

07 Dec, 2013, 20:27 | Posted by: jp-30 | Source: VGX | Comments: 3

Telltale Games has not only confirmed that is is making Game of Thrones episodes at VGX, but will also be creating new Borderlands episodes.

Not too much to report at this stage, but you can see confirmation of the news on Kotaku, where they report:

“You get to shoot stuff, but in a different way,” said Telltale’s Kevin Bruner at the show. “It’s gonna play like a Telltale game — you’re going to be engaging characters and developing relationships, but it’s very much in the borderlands world. It’s this great hybrid of everything that’s great about Borderlands and everything that’s great about Telltale.”

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According to IGN, they have received reports from multiple unnamed sources that Telltale is working on a episodic series based on Game of Thrones.

As IGN points out, it would be a perfect fit, as the Game of Thrones books tell the story from a perspective of a different character in each chapter, similar to how Telltale's 400 Days was handled.

This is just a rumor though, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt. When IGN contacted Telltale Games for confirmation, Steve Allison, Telltale's senior vice president of marketing stated, “We get these sorts of rumors about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment.”

JP Update: Confirmed by Telltale on facebook.

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According to the game's Steam page, the release date is 17th of December for the first episode. Are they full of shit? Guess we'll find out in 1 week, 3 days, and 22 hours.

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Telltale announced today that The Walking Dead: Season Two will premiere later this year. It is available for preorder for PC and MAC from the official site. The press release reveals a bit about what we can expect:

Telltale PR

The Walking Dead: Season Two - A Telltale Games Series will continue the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned at the outset of the undead apocalypse, now left to her own devices to seek safety and survive in a world gone mad. Now assuming the role of an ordinary child, players will struggle to outwit both the dead and the living in situations that will test their morals and control the flow of the story through their decisions and actions.

There's also a trailer:

A Game of the Year Edition of the first season will also be released next month for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. It will include the 400 Days DLC as well as the soundtrack and a behind the scenes video.

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One of the theoretical benefits of games developed for the digital space is that they're not subject to a literal shelf life - with packaging and distribution costs right around zero, they can be readily available for as long as the publisher sees fit.

Does Telltale see otherwise in the direction of its earliest releases? It has been noticed that while they remain available on Steam, Telltale Texas Hold'em and the Bone games have been recently removed from Telltale's online catalog. This feels significant to me.

Telltale Texas Hold'em was built in 2004-2005 primarily to test the brand-spanking new Telltale Tool, particularly the character performance aspect that would of course be crucial to their story games. Sufficiently amused by the results, the tiny company decide it to sell it as their highly unexpected first product partially as a lark. While the game's premise feels like a promise that would only be truly delivered on with the Poker Night at the Inventory games, it remains an important part of the now widely known studio's history and if nothing else is a necessary antecedent for at least one Sam & Max in-joke.

The two Bone games, of course, are Telltale's promising first offerings of the sort of games they are actually known for, and it's kind of amazing to look back on how accurately they foretold the vision and philosophies that the company continues to follow to this day - play them again if you don't believe me. It still kind of pisses me off that it remains Telltale's only unfinished series, as it predated their seasonal approach, and it's surely too late to revive it, but they are good games, and The Great Cow Race arguably competes with Tales from Monkey Island as the closest to an old-school graphic adventure design the company, which has never fed the misconception that they were specifically out to make classic adventure games, ever treaded. And it will be impossible for me not to compare the soundtrack of the eventual movies to Jared Emerson-Johnson's brilliant take on Jeff Smith's world. (I suppose the once freely available tracks would have gone down with the product page.)

So what gives? Is this a temporary absence? Were there rights issues involved (only plausible with Bone)? Because otherwise, the only way to interpret this is as some kind of statement, and sort of a sad one.

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