W&G getting ported to iPad

12 Jun, 2010, 00:28 | Posted by: Jason | Source: Telltale
Just prior to announcing that they're bringing Tales of Monkey Island to the PS3, Telltale issued an earlier press release stating that they would be porting Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures to the iPad - specifically, the second episode, The Last Resort. The episode will cost $4.99, £2.99 or €3.99 depending on what currency corresponds to your territory.

It is unclear if the remaining games in the four episode season will follow, although judging by the fact that The Last Resort is leading the way on both the iPad platform and the German retail market, it must have been the most successful of the pack.
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What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Sopabuena | Posted 12 Jun, 2010, 11:44 | Quote
    This webstie claims Jurassic Park is also comming to the iPad: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Various/The+Rumour+Mine/feature.asp?c=21357
    Which probably means it will be an episodic adventure game aswell. I love my adventure games and my dinosaurs, but I was hoping JP would have better graphics than the games the iPad can handle.
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    Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 12 Jun, 2010, 01:41 | Quote
    Strange, I thought the first episode was better and a good introduction. Hmm.

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