Three Releases Are Iminent

15 Nov, 2012, 15:39 | Posted by: Jennifer

There are three games by Mojo-related companies that are soon to be released. One has a firm release date. That one is the final episode of The Walking Dead, which will be released on November 20th for PlayStation Network in North America and on November 21st for XBLA, PSN in Europe, and iOS.

The next game that's coming very soon is Double Fine's Kinect Party, which according to True Achievements, now has a placeholder page on with screenshots and cover art (although they didn't reveal the url of the placeholder page, they did post the aforementioned images at their site).

The third incoming game is another Double Fine title: the free-to-play iOS game Middle Manager of Justice, which was featured as a recommended download for iOS in this months Game Informer (so either the editors of the magazine are just wishful thinkers, or the game is coming out soon).

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