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The Calm Before The Storm

31 Oct, 2002, 06:46 | Posted by: Spaff
Well it's that time of week again. Yes, the day before LucasArts post a few screenshots, update a product info page and maybe re scan some old monkey island art! But what's different about today?
(apart from jake's birthday)

It's Halloween!

Every year Halloween is celebrated across the web in the all singing tradition of "logo-change-time" this also happens at Christmas, and sometimes also on that random American celebration of July 4th, when sites around the world American sites post Java-based fireworks everywhere that we all love!

OK.. so what did we do to celebrate Halloween?? We changed our logo into Jake. But other sites have put a bit more thought into the whole thing:

  • has a lovely comic strip up featuring the word "poonk"
  • The Scummbar has had a little pumpkin lurking behind the logo for a few days now. I'm hoping it wil start to dance later on.
  • Grim Fandago Network has updated their page with a scary skeleto.... oh no wait....
  • Mojo Art has gained a pumpkin or two.

  • And, here are some other non-Mojo things (hopefully we'll be adding to this later):

  • For those that missed it, we posted this link to Dave Grossman's page of pumpkin sculptures he has made.. all of which completely own any attempt I have ever made.
  • This guy and the rest of his dorm at Cornell University had some amazing Blue Casket party for Halloween earlier this week, and here's some pictures from it. Our very own DJG might have attended this Grim party as BatDan, but you'll never see a picture of it, or hear him admit to it.

  • Please add your Scary findings into our comments section, and expect this news post to be updated as more folk wake up and get it together to update their websites.

    Update: Whilst at work I have decided to create a pumpkinesque sculpture from available resources. These have included an apple and some lego. I will hereby encourage other mojo Staff to upload pictures of their halloween efforts and add them to this post.

    Update: We now have Jake's Halloween efforts!
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    What does everyone else think about this?

    • Comment by: QueZTone | Posted 04 Nov, 2002, 10:24
      a present for our lovely jake:
    • Comment by: Shmargin | Posted 03 Nov, 2002, 13:56 My Lucas related halloween effort...enjoy!

      Thats: $2 brown pants, $2 whip, $2 brown shoes, $12 fedora, $15 shirt, $200 jacket...I bought the jacket like 5 years ago though, it wasnt just for Halloween...but it was cause I really like Indiana Jones...
    • Comment by: Stev | Posted 03 Nov, 2002, 21:29
      "I'm selling these fine leather jackets..."
    • Comment by: JBRAA | Posted 02 Nov, 2002, 10:10 Halloween-theme 2000:

      banner.jpg. Halloween-theme 2001: ? Halloween-theme 2002: ?
      Damn dissatisfaction
    • Comment by: Swordmaster | Posted 02 Nov, 2002, 08:03
      Those Grim masks are *cool*.

      Last year around this time, we had a small Day of the Dead party at my university. There were two exhange students from Mexico who organized the thing, we got ourselves marchpane skulls, bread of the dead and other themed food. It was great fun! :)
    • Comment by: Paco | Posted 01 Nov, 2002, 10:35
      Click this link. It is horrible Edit: Hmpf someone removed the image. Nevermind then.
    • Comment by: BooJaka | Posted 02 Nov, 2002, 06:10
      Nope, I think you just got the address wrong. Here's the picture I think you meant.
    • Comment by: Remi O | Posted 02 Nov, 2002, 11:13
      It's not removed, you just have to copy and paste the URL to see the image. Remote linking to images is forbidden at Tripod.
    • Comment by: Remi O | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 14:08
      Here's a little Halloween thing from ex-LEC employee Bill Stoneman.
    • Comment by: spaff | Posted 01 Nov, 2002, 02:42
      freaky :)
    • Comment by: bgbennyboy | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 12:48
      Jake's Grim masks rule all.
    • Comment by: Jake | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 13:10
      Those aren't mine, they're my friend Jared's and a number of his friends at university. My meager effort is the jackolantern with the sombrero on in the secont picture :)
    • Comment by: JBRAA | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 09:27
    • Comment by: spaff | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 10:06
      what are you implying? :)
    • Comment by: CaliMonk | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 08:33
      Hmm this post was added by "A pirate yar!" first now its Spaff.. hmm.

    • Comment by: bgbennyboy | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 07:56
      Okey dokely here's my Thursday halloween guff.
      Remember Grim Fandango fans that today marks the start of Day of the Dead
      Also learn how to carve your own George Bush Pumpkin at pumpkinmasters.
    • Comment by: Metallus | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 08:35
      BG, the Mexican Day of the Dead is actually celebrated on the first 2 days of November. At least I think that's how it works out.
    • Comment by: bgbennyboy | Posted 31 Oct, 2002, 09:00
      Well thats the last time I trust a newspaper...

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