Sam & Max merchandise mayhem

01 Sep, 2010, 00:15 | Posted by: Jason | Source: Telltale
Having just wrapped up their latest and strangest case, Sam and Max have directed their attention to the Telltale company store, where the collector's disc for Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, which will include commentary and behind-the-scenes goodies, "should be available for order very soon." Steve Purcell's excellent cover art for the DVD case can be seen on the product page, and following tradition, is available as a poster print in both signed and unsigned flavors.

Then there is a collection of five mini-posters of all that cool 70s-like movie poster art that was used to promote each episode of this season, some of which if I'm not mistaken is the work of talented Telltale web art director Stephen Whetstine. Telltale is also selling those stylized Sam & Max Symbiote figures with the big heads, and on top of all that is the retro Sam & Max T-shirt from the 1992 Comic-Con that they resurrected not too long ago.

Ouch, says my wallet. At least until I get that check from Telltale for pimping all their stuff.
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    Comment by: bakana | Posted 01 Sep, 2010, 02:17 | Quote
    Wow! I always wondered where that shirt came from. I lucked into one ages ago (mid 90s) at the grotty little Cleveland-area comic shop (the same place I lucked into a copy of the original Surfing the Highway paperback).
    I could never find any info of a shirt with that design on any of the Sam & Max sites, it's cool to learn its origin.

    It's also cool to learn that I can get another one, as my old one is rather 'well loved' (read: worn and washed too much, faded and a bit pitstainy - an ignominious end for such a cool and apparently once rare shirt).
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    Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 01 Sep, 2010, 01:06 | Quote
    No "feelies" packaging this time around? I want goodies from each episode in toy/marketing material format!

    And don't tell me that it comes packaged with "space"...

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