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07 May, 2006, 19:43 | Posted by: Gabez
Ahoy! Here's some news that you probably missed:

  • An adventure game called Ankh was released a while back. Apparently the Telltale crew helped out with its creation, which might explain a few references (scanned from PC Zone magazine)
  • A new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer has been released. Yes, it does include a Voodoo Lady in a familiar looking swamp, and yes, the trailer does look pretty awesome (thanks to The Tingler for the heads up).
  • You can now review games over at IMDB... it only takes a second, and it will guarantee the production of Monkey Island 5, probably. Read all about it (thanks to Alien426).
  • Nightlight Productions have released part IX of Lost Cause!
  • bgbennyboy from Quick and Easy brought out a new program that lets you play old 2D SCUMM games in 3D, and vice-versa. I think. Something like that, anyway.
  • Yo-yos are now available from the Double Fine store! They glow in the dark giving you a +5 steet cred bonus (thanks to Raz's Domain).
  • Ron Gilbert loves the Gibbage!
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