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05 Apr, 2013, 19:24 | Posted by: Jason | Source: Gamasutra

A lot of nostalgic sentiments about LucasArts have pervaded the web over the past few days, and perhaps we'll be acknowledging a few more of them, but you've really gotta read this gigantic and loving tribute by Gamasutra, devoted as it is entirely to the graphic adventure games, which I'm sure all of us would agree are the correct subset of the studio's catalog to center a proper eulogy around. Amidst the ongoing swirl of online LEC remembrances, it is the best piece to emerge so far.

The article is largely composed of quotes from folks throughout the industry, who recall the LEC adventures with relatable adoration and assert the influence they continue to have. Peter McConnell is among the voices, and the whole thing concludes with reflections by David Fox.

Absolutely essential Mojo reading, right here.

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    Comment by: Melancholick | Posted 06 Apr, 2013, 23:13 | Quote
    Nice catch, James: it also makes a lot of sense, at least in theory. Pixar's got its Dia de los Muertos-themed film coming out next year (Which we Mojo-nians tried vainly to qualify as some sort of third-degree adaptation of Grim Fandango when it was originally announced), Disney continues to juice the PotC franchise for all it's worth (With the well-documented connection between "On Stranger Tides," MI, and the script development of the first "Pirates" film), and... uh... they have a Haunted Mansion that probably has a Maniac or two living in it.

    So I can see some appeal--perhaps vague, right now--in looking at ways to bring those franchises back, and market them to a new, broader audience. Not sure if we classic LA fans would be taken with the results, but... better than letting them collect dust in a warehouse somewhere, I guess?
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    Comment by: jamessnee1 | Posted 06 Apr, 2013, 14:25 | Quote
    I have an ex lucasarts developer on my facebook, and he posted this earlier:

    "In a statement issued by Wired, Disney mentioned that 1313 is unlikely to see development as Disney has already had feelers out with no takers as well as the fact that Disney is shifting its focus away from console and more into the lucratively accessible Mobile/Social marketplace (as is the strategy of many devs these days). Disney also mentioned that they're very interested in resurrecting old Lucas franchises that fit their skew plans like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and Grim Fandango. So for you nostalgic gamers out there, this could spell good news!"
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    Comment by: elTee | Posted 06 Apr, 2013, 09:44 | Quote


    Seems like something Mojo would have written if Mojo still wrote articles... ;-P

    Heh, I was in the process of writing an article for the site about how LucasArts was effectively dead, and so when this happened it sort of screwed everything up. But we have several features in the pipeline ;
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    Comment by: AndyBundy | Posted 06 Apr, 2013, 07:30 | Quote
    Just check the comments section of this article and you'll find some contribution by other ex-LucasArts members.
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    Comment by: Shmargin | Posted 06 Apr, 2013, 02:26 | Quote
    Seems like something Mojo would have written if Mojo still wrote articles... ;-P
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    Comment by: elTee | Posted 05 Apr, 2013, 21:39 | Quote
    Amazing article :)

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