Mary Bihr still around, implies things

30 Jun, 2010, 16:17 | Posted by: Jason | Source: Gamasutra
Desperate to somehow top the pulse-pounding interview we had with her last year, Gamasutra bent the ear of Mary Bihr, LucasArts VP of Global Publishing (and an exec who's been with the company since Zak McKracken, for God's sake), and the things she shares about the company's future, while vague, suggest a continued willingness from the studio to go beyond Star Wars and sure-fire sequels:

When it comes to the company's self-image, she says, "We see ourselves as continuing a longstanding tradition we've had of being storytellers... Both original stories and original franchises, and then how we've even evolved Star Wars with story, through the games we've created."

Perhaps LEC's new, intriguing direction didn't depart with Rodriguez. Read the whole thing.
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