Hosted sites are back

24 Dec, 2012, 18:51 | Posted by: Zaarin

Our hosted sites should start returning to the Internet after much hard work. If you've tried visited them recently, you may have to flush your browser cache.

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What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Morten79 | Posted 09 Jan, 2013, 19:58 | Quote
    Thanks for bringing back the Monkey Island Wiki and all the other great old sites. All power too mixnmojo!!!
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    Comment by: QueZTone | Posted 30 Dec, 2012, 06:41 | Quote
    Admirable work! :)
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    Comment by: Jon N/A | Posted 27 Dec, 2012, 16:12 | Quote
    Hmm...'s not working though...
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    Comment by: valkian | Posted 27 Dec, 2012, 10:38 | Quote
    Thanks for the effort!
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    Comment by: Shmargin | Posted 27 Dec, 2012, 00:30 | Quote
    Well at least no one will have to flush their browser cache.

    Ha ha, ZING!....Ok I'm done...

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