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Can your heart stand the shocking facts about space gorillas from outer space?

19 Dec, 2009, 08:29 | Posted by: Kroms
Subscribed to the Telltale Newsletter? If you are, then check your email. (If not, subscribe here.) There's a bit of concept art of the concept of Sam and Max Season Three, including that of the space gorilla from space. Remember, my friends: future events such as these will affect you in the future, especially around the time that the game becomes available to buy.

Speaking of the future, why don't you save up for it by taking advantage of Telltale's holiday bundles? The future is where your future lies, and that is where you will need money the most: not the past, but the future (and the present).

(The future brought to you by one Ed Wood; space gorillas courtesy of the power to comprehend the inability to comprehend Sam and Max 2010.)
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Melancholick | Posted 22 Dec, 2009, 02:25
    Nein. It's a nutcracker. Its toothy little mouth is open, and it's holding a rifle and bayonet.
  • Comment by: Kroms | Posted 22 Dec, 2009, 05:36
    Oh man, you're right. I kept thinking he was holding some box-shaped puppet and a scalpel, but yours makes sense.
  • Comment by: Melancholick | Posted 23 Dec, 2009, 21:54
    For some reason, I find myself wishing that it was a stethoscope and a scalpel. :/

    Though Purcell can really make anything look hideous and fascinating. It's a gift!
  • Comment by: AlfredJ | Posted 19 Dec, 2009, 11:08
    Great piece of art, I'm becoming a fan of Ryan Jones more and more. But what's that in Max's hand?
  • Comment by: Capn_Nacho | Posted 19 Dec, 2009, 17:54
    Looks like maybe a toy soldier?
  • Comment by: ATMachine | Posted 19 Dec, 2009, 19:07
    If you look closely you can see that Max is holding and a doctor's ear/nose/throat scope of some kind (I forget its proper name). Maybe he's planning to do some impromptu surgery!
  • Comment by: ATMachine | Posted 19 Dec, 2009, 19:07
    make that ".... a scalpel and a doctor's ear/nose/throat scope."

    We really need an edit button.

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