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And Telltale's new series is...

24 Jul, 2008, 23:01 | Posted by: Zaarin | Source: Associated Press

Wallace & Gromit!

"We're certainly going for the clay look with this," Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors told The Associated Press. "Clay presents a challenge if you really get into the detail of it. For example, adding fingerprints in a medium where there aren't any is one of the discussions of how far we should go with the game's detail."

"Grand Adventures" will allow gamers to play as both Wallace and Gromit, engaging in zany entrepreneurial schemes and tinkering with kooky contraptions. Connors said "Grand Adventures" will feature more physical and situation-based comedy and would likely follow the distribution model of Telltale's episodic video game series "Sam & Max."

Cracking cheese, Gromit!
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Rapp Scallion | Posted 28 Jul, 2008, 22:40
    Can't say I was thrilled by the news. Just releaved. I'm just happy because it's a licence I would love seeing Telltale bring to life, and not some other lesser care-licence :) I'm looking forward to this.
  • Comment by: Kroms | Posted 26 Jul, 2008, 20:20
    I just whooped out loud!

    Hopefully this will be awesome.

    (Please, please try to retain the British humour, Telltale.) :D
  • Comment by: Zaarin | Posted 29 Jul, 2008, 02:14
    W&G IS British humour!
  • Comment by: NatsFan | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 22:09
    Once again, Telltale catches me completely off guard. I didn't suspect Strong Bad, and I would never have guessed this. If this project were in the hands of anyone but Telltale, I'd be really skeptical. However, I firmly believe that this will be a great series.
  • Comment by: Shmargin | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 21:58
    Wow...Sorry, totally unimpressed. I've tried on several occassions to completely watch a Wallace & Grommit movie, and never usually get more then half way through without being bored into sleep.

    I dunno....Maybe the game will be better but...I dunno....I dont want to get beat up, so I'll stop.
  • Comment by: Thrik | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 22:17
    Yeah, I'd say that you are basically just entirely weird. ¬
  • Comment by: laceyware | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 13:54
    I will cry if Peter Sallis isn't providing the voice of Wallace. Though as I'm still busy picking my jaw up off the floor, I'm not sure that I'd notice immediately if he didn't.
  • Comment by: Thrik | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 21:08
    I can't see Wallace and Gromit fans in general actually accepting a game that doesn't have the proper voice in place. Being big TTG fans we might be able to overlook it, but your typical W&G fan would probably be completely offended at such a move.

    The size of the W&G license is sufficient enough to be comparable to making a Simpsons game and using some random bastard for Homer. With CSI it wasn't so much a big deal, but we're talking about an iconic character in the world of animation here.

    I think it's safe to say TTG has him on board, has one hell of a sound-alike, or is 100% mental. ;
  • Comment by: Jayel | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 21:15
    I'm a W&G fan and I don't object to the idea of somebody else doing the voice acting - as long as he (or she!) sounds close enough. Peter Sallis is like 200 years old. I don't wanna see him work himself to death.
  • Comment by: Thrik | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 21:43
    Yeah, I'm a big fan too. I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of a good sound-alike, but it would have to be good or I can see it upsetting people (such a license is going to bring a lot of people in who aren't familiar with TTG and thus have no leniency at all).

    The voice acting is one of the more endearing aspects of Wallace, and how he sounds is still fresh in people's minds from the recent film. As I said, it'll need to either be the original actor or a sound-alike of Disney quality. :~
  • Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 23:05
    Not mention the fact that there's a new film in production!
  • Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 19:18
    I really, really hope that when Telltale were planning on pursuing the licence, the first thing on their "to get" list was Peter Sallis. He makes the character.
  • Comment by: QueZTone | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 08:46
    that's awesome :) great choice...the most logical choice... yet i never thought of it :)
  • Comment by: bgbennyboy | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 07:45
    Brilliant stuff, what a great licence to build a game around.
  • Comment by: Jayel | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 02:37
    Where do I pay?? WHERE DO I PAY!!!???
  • Comment by: Jennifer | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 00:03
    This is so weird. I was just google-ing Aardman Animation Studios a few days ago.

    I can't wait to play this series. I was excited for Strongbad and Sam & Max Season Three, but this one tops my excitement meter. There is so much potential in this license, I'm getting excited just thinking about the possibilities. :D
  • Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 22:35
    I think I just wet my pants! Luckily I'm not wearing any!

    A Sam & Max joke you say? I didn't know that...

    That is utterly brilliant, I don't know what the root of the decision was, but whoever thought of Telltale + Wallace & Gromit is a genius. Well done all! Just a pity you're not British... (I kid, well done again and I know you'll do the licence proud)
  • Comment by: Thrik | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 22:12
  • Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:47
    AWESOME! WoooooOO. I hope its more than control the crazy contraptions that allow for Wallace to get out of bed correctly and into his breakfast table without him moving a limb, but then again, that's not a bad idea.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:45
    I'm looking at this shot (or maybe render) and seeing Srongbad's screenshot to the right in the games database.

    Quite amazing that this game, Sam and Max, Strongbad and CSI are/were all built using (versions of) the same Telltale Tool.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:47
    OK, Confirmed by Jake that it is a render over at the TTG forums.
  • Comment by: telarium | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:55
    I will say that as I am programming the game, people will come by and look over my shoulder and say, "I can't believe this is the same engine." I think you guys will be impressed by what we can do.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 22:05
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 05:35
    I'm quietly hoping the animation component in the TT Tool can mimic the hand animated movement style of the Wallace & Gromit films.
  • Comment by: tabacco | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 12:29
    Our animators rule, thank you very much :p
  • Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 26 Jul, 2008, 09:39
    Jesus, does EVERYONE at Mojo work at Telltale apart from me?!
  • Comment by: Jayel | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 16:57
    Yeah but will there be some random jitterness to all animation so that it looks like stop-motion? Because that would be positively awesome. And your company would be the first one to attempt such a feat.
  • Comment by: NatsFan | Posted 25 Jul, 2008, 22:11
    The most important thing is slightly jerky mouth movements for speech, being too smooth would definitely be a problem. Forcing the frame rate to be lower than normal might be a good idea, too.
  • Comment by: Udvarnoky | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:28
    Hey wow.
  • Comment by: Huz | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:16
    Ooh, awesome! Wallace & Gromit never even entered my head when we were speculating!

    Hopefully this will introduce Telltale to a new audience blah blah blah etc.
  • Comment by: clone2727 | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 21:10
    Meh, not exactly what I was hoping for (I've also never seen W&G), but if it's anything like S&M, I'll have to get it! ;)
  • Comment by: Sp0tted | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 20:52
    Seriously, I've never seen a movie of W&G, but then again, I had never heard of Sam and Max before LA got hold of it.

    Consider me intrigued.
  • Comment by: neon_git | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 20:51
    *jaw drops*

    This is so fucking cool.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 20:50
  • Comment by: Diduz | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 20:48
  • Comment by: Dirk | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 20:34
    Wow, awesome!

    I've never ever thought of Wallace and Gromit.
  • Comment by: Gabez | Posted 24 Jul, 2008, 20:32


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